Fizzy apple cocktail

sourcelink = fizzyapplecocktail
name = Fizzy Apple Cocktail

type = cocktail
flaming =
vodka = yes
served = chilled
garnish = apple slice; lemon
drinkware = cocktail
ingredients = *1 shot Apple Vodka
*1/2 cup Apple Juice
*1/2 cup Lemonade
prep = Combine all three ingredients into a chilled glass and serve with ice and garnish.

The Fizzy Apple Cocktail, is a cocktail containing apple vodka, lemonade and apple juice. Typically, the drink is stirred and a slice of lemon can be added for aesthetic appeal.

Cultural references

This drink is predominantly consumed by the younger Australian generation. It is closely related to the Appletini. The Fizzy Apple Cocktail was created as the traditional Appletini was too strong for the typical Australian palete, and it was a much softer alternative.

ee also

* Martini cocktail
* List of cocktails

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