Hubertus Bigend

Hubertus Bigend

Hubertus Bigend is a fictional character appearing in the later novels of cyberpunk science fiction and literary author William Gibson. Bigend is the antihero of Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" (2003) and its sequel "Spook Country" (2007).

Character history

"Pattern Recognition"

Bigend is introduced in "Pattern Recognition" as the founder of the fictional "viral advertising" agency Blue Ant, from the perspective of protagonist Cayce Pollard:

Bigend hires Pollard to track down the source of haunting film fragments known as "the footage" that have been appearing anonymously online, though she loathes him and suspects that his motivation is mercenary; [] Other appelations include "imperious" ("SFGate"), "enigmatic" ("St. Louis Post-Dispatch"),cite news |title=Spook Country |work=St. Louis Post-Dispatch |first=J. Stephen |last=Bolhafner |date=August 5, 2007 |accessdate=2008-10-09 |url=] "pontifical Belgian ad mogul" ("The Village Voice"),Cite news|title=How Soon Is Now? William Gibson's Present Tense |first=Dennis |last=Lim |date=February 11, 2003 |url= |accessdate=2008-10-09] "filthy-rich man-behind-the-curtain" ("Seattle Times"), [cite news |title=Futuristic fantasy lives now for author William Gibson. |work=Seattle Times date=August 6, 2007 |first=Mary Ann |last=Gwinn] "untrustworthy corporate spiv" ("The Guardian"), [cite news |first=Toby |last=Litt |title=Back to the 80s |url= |work=The Guardian |accessdate=2008-10-09 |date=April 26 2003] "accentless Machiavellian fixer with unnervingly white teeth" ("New Statesman"),cite news |title=Milgrim's progress |first=Anthony |last=Byrt |date=August 23, 2007 |url= |work=New Statesman] and "information-sucking android-like advertising guru and godgame magus" (John Clute, "Sci Fi Weekly"). [Cite web |url= |accessdate=2008-10-09 |date=February 24, 2003 |title=The Case of the World |first=John |last=Clute |authorlink=John Clute |work=Sci Fi Weekly]


"Spook Country"'s "Node" was the inspiration for the real-life literary project "Node Magazine".cite news |first=Chris |last=Watson |title=William Gibson explores the science fiction of the here-and-now in his new novel |url= |work=Bookends |publisher="Santa Cruz Sentinel" |date=August 5, 2007 |accessdate=2007-10-30 ]



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