Philips (disambiguation)

Philips can refer to:

* Philips, "Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V." (Royal Philips Electronics ltd.), one of the world's largest consumer electronics producers.

* Ambrose Philips (1674-1749), English poet
* Anton Philips (1874-1951), Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of the Royal Philips Electronics; brother of Gerard Philips
* Frits Philips (1905-2005), Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of the Royal Philips Electronics company
* Katherine Philips (1631-1664), English poet
* George Philips (d. 1696), English governor of Culmore, and governor of Derry; father of William Philips
* Gerard Philips (1858-1942), Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of the Royal Philips Electronics; brother of Anton Philips
* William Philips (author) (1675-1734), playwright, soldier, and author; son of George Philips

* Philips (publisher), a publisher of maps, atlases and reference books in the UK
* Philips Classics Records, the classical music division of Philips Records
* Philips Hospital, a Christian hospital in the city of Chennai, India.
* Philips Records, a record label founded by the Dutch electronics giant, Philips

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* Phillips
* Phillip
* Philip

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