Shvetsov M-25

The Shvetsov M-25 was an aircraft radial engine produced in the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s, a licensed production variant of the Wright R-1820-F3.

The first M-25s were produced from kits imported from the United States and the main difference between the later M-25 and the R-1820-F3 is the use of metric components. 13,888 M-25s were produced in the USSR at factories in Perm and Kazan. There were a number of sub variants which differed from the original M-25 in that they had reduction gears, rather than direct drive. Performance was similar to the equivalent Wright engines. The M-25 was later developed into the ASh-62 and was later used as a pattern for the M-70. The M-70 being a twin-row 18 cylinder engine, eventually developed into the ASh-73 which powered the Tupolev Tu-4, a reverse engineered copy of the Boeing B-29.

pecifications (Shvetsov M-25)


type=9-cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine
bore=6.125 in (155.6 mm)
stroke=6.875 in (174 mm)
displacement=1,823.1 in³ (29.876 L)
weight=499kg (999lb)
supercharger=Single speed, single stage, geared centrifugal supercharger
fuelsystem=1 K-25 (Solex) Carburetor
power=700-800hp depending on model


* Neman R-10
* Polikarpov I-14
* Polikarpov I-15bis
* Polikarpov I-153
* Polikarpov I-16



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