"Inevitable" derives from the Latin word "vitare" (to avoid) and the prefix "in" (meaning not or without). It refers to something that cannot be avoided.


* Inevitable disclosure is a legal doctrine related to employer rights.


* The Inevitable was released by "Squirrel Nut Zippers" in 1995.
* Da Inevitable was released by Koopsta Knicca.
* Inevitable is a song written by Shakira.
* Inevitable Alien Nation is the second album by Keoki.
* The Inevitability of a Strange World was released in 2006 by Halifax.
* Mushroomhead released "Inevitable" in the album M3 in 1999.
* Anberlin released the song "Inevitable" in the album Cities in 2007


* Steven Goldberg's book The Inevitability of Patriarchy was published in 1973.

Alternative use

* In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, "inevitables" are "extraplanar" magical constructs.


* xxxholic, Yuuko Ichihara : - "In This world there no such thing as coincidence, only inevitability."
* The Matrix, Agent Smith (hearing the coming subway): - "Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability."
* The Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith(s): - (the many copies of Agent Smith all saying in an echo) "It is inevitable!"
* The Matrix Revolutions, Neo: - "You were right Smith. You're always right. It was inevitable."
* John F Kennedy: - "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
* Isaac Asimov : - "It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant."
* T-500 : - "Judgement day is inevitable."

External links

* [ Derek Brockis's - The Theory of Inevitability (Tofi)]
* [ NSA's - The Inevitability of Failure]
* [ The Inevitable Dossier]
* [ K.C. Golden's - The Inevitability Trap]

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