Fiat Regata

Fiat Regata

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name = Fiat Regata
class = Small family car
manufacturer = Fiat
production = 1983-1990
body_style = 4-door saloon
5-door estate"Weekend"
layout = FF layout
predecessor = Fiat 131
successor = Fiat Tempra
related = Fiat Ritmo
SEAT Málaga
engine = 1.3 L I4
1.5 L I4
1.6 L I4
1.7 L diesel I4
1.9 L diesel I4
1.9 L turbodiesel I4
wheelbase = Auto mm|2446
Auto mm|2448 Weekend 1985Cite web|url=|title=Fiat Regata|accessdate=2007-11-01|]
length = Auto mm|4260
Auto mm|4267 Weekend 1985
width = Auto mm|1651
Auto mm|1650 Weekend 1985
height = Auto mm|1412
weight = 890-1035 kg (1962-2282 lb)
fuel_capacity =
The Fiat Regata was the saloon version of the Fiat Ritmo small family car, produced by Italian automaker Fiat. It was produced from 1983 to 1990, corresponding to the post-facelift Ritmo. The Regata had a choice of three gasoline and two diesel engines. Competitors in the same class as the Regata were the Audi 80, Ford Orion, Rover 213/216, Vauxhall Belmont and the Volkswagen Jetta. It was produced with the same look, but on Fiat 131 chassis as Tofaş Şahin and Tofaş Doğan in Turkey until 2002.

Spanish builder SEAT created a similar saloon car from Ritmo underpinnings called the SEAT Málaga. Nevertheless, development for the two cars was separate.


The Regata, released at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1983, was developed from the pre-facelift Ritmo (which had been known in United Kingdom and United States markets as the Fiat Strada) and utilised almost all the mechanicals, although the wheelbase was stretched slightly. A conventional four-door three-box design, it bore very little external resemblance to the original Ritmo although it hinted strongly at the look of the 1982 face-lift for that car.

The engines offered were also similar, being the 1301 cc "I4" rated at 68 bhp (Regata 70) and the 1498 cc I4 rated at 82 bhp (Regata 85). Both of these were SOHC engines. A DOHC 1585 cc I4 rated at 100 bhp (Regata 100) was also available with two SOHC diesels, a 1714 cc I4 rated at 58 bhp (Regata D) and a 1929 cc I4 rated at 65 bhp Regata DS), the latter of which was added in 1984. An economy model called the "ES" ("Energy Saving") was also available. It featured some detail modifications to the aerodynamics, an optimised (higher compression ratio and different valve timing) 1301 cc engine (rated at 65 bhp), an engine shut-off system (when idling) and electronic ignition. The "Regata Weekend" estate was introduced in 1984. It was available with the 1.3 L or 1.6 L engines and both diesel engines. Replacing the 131 Panorama, it featured a folding rear bumper, enabling easier access to the load area. The suspension and brakes were uprated to cope with the extra weight.


A mid-life update was carried out in 1986, in which numerous small details were changed, most notably new doors with an altered window line. New door handles, grille, bumpers and wheel trims also featured. The 1585 cc engine gained fuel injection to become the 100Si.e. (also available with a catalytic converter, losing some power and becoming the 90ie) whilst a catalysed and fuel-injected 1498 cc unit powered the 75ie. The "85 Automatic" was also replaced by the "70 Automatic" with a 1.3 L engine rated at 65 bhp.

The diesel-powered models also changed slightly. An 80 bhp 1929 cc turbodiesel engine was introduced (badged Regata Turbo DS) whilst the 1714 cc unit dropped in capacity to 1697 cc (but gained power to 60 bhp and had reduced fuel consumption). This model was simply badged as the Regata D. The weight was also reduced slightly.

Production ceased in 1990, when the Tempra was introduced.

cale models

Polistil manufactured a 1/25 and a 1/41 scale diecast Regata sedan.BBurago manufactured a 1/43 version of this car.


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