A.S.D. Atletico Puteolana 2008

Puteolana badge
Full name Football Club Puteolana 1902
Nickname(s) Diavoli rossi (Red Devils)
Founded 1902
2008 (refounded)
Ground Stadio Domenico Conte,
Pozzuoli, Campania
(Capacity: 12,000[1])
Chairman Italy Salvatore Maddaluno
Manager Italy Vincenzo Potenza
League Serie D/I
2007–08 Eccellenza Campania – A, 15th
Home colours
Away colours

Football Club Puteolana 1902 is an Italian association football club, based in Pozzuoli, Campania. The club was first founded in 1902 as a sports club and has had the football section refounded at various points during its history the most recent of which was in 1992.

Puteolana have played in the First Division Championship (Serie A), during the early 1920s, the last time they played in a professional league was Serie C2 in 2003. Currently the club plays its league football in Eccellenza Campania. The team's colours are maroon, known locally as granata.



The club was founded during 1902 as an eclectic institution oriented to multiple sports under the banner of Puteoli Sport, this is the foundation date that the club officially carries with it today. A few years later in 1909 the name was changed to Puteoli Sporting Club.

For the 1913–14 season they were entered into a FIGC organised league in the form of the Terza Categoria, which at the time was the third level of Italian football (today's equivalent is Serie C1).

Italian Football Championship

After World War I the club was renamed for the third time, this time to Unione Sportiva Puteolana. They were entered into the Prima Categoria Championship (Serie A) for the 1919–20 season; here they competed against the top clubs in the Campania region and qualified for the semi-finals of Southern Italy, eventually losing out to Fortitudo Roma.[2]

The following season they were entered into the championship again, beating sides such as Naples and Salernitana. Despite qualifying for the next round FIGC put them in last place due to irregularities, ending their season early.[2]

As Italian football split into two factions after the main teams had a disagreement with FIGC, Puteolana played in the CCI run league (called Prima Divisione) which featured most of the big clubs. In the Campania section they competed against six other teams and won all 12 fixtures. They then defeated Anconitana, before facing Fortitudo in Rome for a chance to meet Pro Vercelli in the league's final for the championship. However, Putelolana lost 2–0 to Fortitudo, essentially meaning they ended the season with a top four finish.[2]

Despite their respectable position in the previous season, the club were not enrolled into the newly reunited league (because of economic problems), instead competing in the far lower III Divisione. The club climbed up two divisions and by 1925–26 were back in the top level championship,[2] however they lasted just one season as they lost all of their games in the Campania section.


The club disappeared from upper level competition for a large period of time, from 1926 until 1947. During this period they competed in competitions such as the provincial ULIC youth leagues and various seasons spent in purely amateur divisions such as I Divisione, II Divisione and III Divisione.

Eventually Puteolana won I Divisione in 1947–48 and were promoted up to the Promozione Interregionale, which was just one step below Serie C at the time. They would bounce between Serie D and Promozione Campania for much of the 1950s and 1960s. After being promoted from Promozione Campania in 1969–70, they spent the entire decade of the 1970s in Serie D generally around mid table area, the closest they came to gaining promotion was a 4th place finish in 1973–74.

The start of the 1980s brought the club into turmoil, they were relegated in three successive seasons before becoming defunct in 1982. However, that season a team from the city of Naples called Internapoli moved to Pozzuoli because they were having problems with their home Stadio Arturo Collana and thus changed their name to Puteolana 1909.[3] After just four seasons in Serie D and one in Promozione, the new club too was folded in 1986.

Campania Puteolana

A club originally founded in 1975 in the Province of Caserta but had moved to Ponticelli in Naples, moved again in 1986 to Pozzuoli as a means to carry on the older clubs legacy in the city. It was a man named Mario Giocondo Mauriello who engineered the move and the club changed its name from Campania Ponticelli to Società Sportiva Calcio Campania Puteolana.

Campania Puteolana was playing in Serie C1 gaining a 6th place finish in their first season since the rebirth. The same season in the Coppa Italia Serie C they finished as runners-up to Livorno, after losing the two-legged final 3–1. Under the management of Claudio Ranieri (his first managerial job) the club were relegated to Serie C2 the following year, however Brazilian manager Jarbas Faustinho Canè led them straight back up as champions.

After two more seasons in the lower half of Serie C1 they were relegated down and then relegated from Serie C2 by 1992, instead of carrying on in the city the Campania club moved back to Naples and would eventually fall into obscurity.

Recent times

To carry on the legacy of the city's historic club, it was refounded as Comprensorio Puteolano in 1992 by Fiore, Corvo, Morelli and Cesarano; the club started the 1992–93 season in the Promozione Campania. After one season back, the club was promoted up into Eccellenza and then straight back up into Serie D.

Puteolano spent several seasons in Serie D during this period, generally finishing in respectable positions (notching up a 3rd and 4th place finish). Eventually in 1999–00 promotion into Serie C2 came, the club were now back at professional level, they came very close to recording a successive promotion with a 4th place finish. However, by 2002–03 the club were once again relegated to Serie D and two years later back down to Eccellenza Campania. Between 2005 and 2008, the legal entity of the club has been Football Club Puteolana 1902; they remained in the Eccellenza league for three seasons, before being relegated into Promozione. The club however merged with Gragnano (a Serie D club) becoming ASD Atletico Puteolana 2008 and returning in Serie D for the 2008–09 season.


  • 1902: Founded as Puteoli Sport.
  • 1909: Changed name into Puteoli Sport Club.
  • 1914: It joined F.I.G.C.: Puteoli Sport Club, Corso Umberto I n. 23 – Pozzuoli.
  • 1913–14: Terza Categoria Campania Championship. Promoted into Promozione Campana.
  • 1914–15: 1ª in Promozione Campana, promoted into Prima Categoria.
  • 1915/19: Inactive because of I World War.
  • 1919: Changed name into Unione Sportiva Puteolana.
  • 1919–20: 2ª in Prima Categoria Campana, qualified into the South Italy semifinals. 3ª in the group A of the South Italy semifinals.
  • 1920–21: 1ª in the group A of 1.a Categoria Campana, qualified into Campania Final Group. 1ª in the Campania Final Group, but it was lated disqualified for membership drive irregularities.
  • 1921–22: 1ª in Prima Divisione Campana C.C.I., qualified into Lega Sud finals. They lose 0–2 the South Finals against Fortitudo Roma.
  • 1922/24: Inactive. Refounded as U.S.S. Puteolana.
  • 1924–25: 1ª in group A of Terza Divisione Campana, qualified to Regional finals. Campan Champion of Terza Divisione. Promoted, they were directly admitted into Prima Divisione Campana.
  • 1925–26: 5ª and last in Prima Divisione Campania, they were supposed to be relegated into Seconda Divisione. However they didn't enter the Seconda Divisione, inactive.
  • 1926/29: They joined to ULIC Youth Leagues.
  • 1929: They Rejoined FIGC, they were admitted into Seconda Divisione South.
  • 1929–30: 10ª in the group A of Seconda Divisione South.
  • 1930–1947: They took part to some ULIC leagues and to several Campania Championship of Prima, Seconda and Terza Divisione.
  • 1947–48:1ª in Prima Divisione Campana, promoted into Promozione Interregionale of Lega Int. Sud.
  • 1948–49: 11ª in group M of Promozione Interregionale Sud.
  • 1949–50: 7ª in group M of Promozione Interregionale Sud.
  • 1950–51: 3ª nel girone M di Promozione Interregionale Sud.
  • 1951–52: 3ª nel girone M di Promozione Interregionale Sud, ammessa alla nuova IV Serie.
  • 1952–53: 11ª in IV Serie.
  • 1953–54: 10ª in IV Serie.
  • 1954–55: 9ª in IV Serie.
  • 1955–56: 18ª in IV Serie, retrocede in Promozione Campana.
  • 1956–57: 3ª nel girone A della Promozione Campana.
  • 1957–58: ? nel girone x del Campionato Nazionale Dilettanti fase Campana.
  • 1958–59: ? nel girone x del Campionato Nazionale Dilettanti fase Campana. La Promozione diventa Prima Categoria.
  • 59–60: 2ª nel girone B di Prima Categoria Campana.
  • 1960–61: 3ª nel girone B di Prima Categoria Campana.
  • 1961–62: ? in Prima Categoria Campana.
  • 1962–63: 1ª nel girone B di Prima Categoria Campana, promossa in Serie D.
  • 1963–64: 11ª nel girone E della Serie D.
  • 1964–65: 15ª nel girone F della Serie D.
  • 1965–66: 11ª nel girone F della Serie D.
  • 1966–67: 6ª in Serie D.
  • 1967–68: 6ª in Serie D.
  • 1968–69: 16ª nel girone E della Serie D, retrocede in Promozione Campana.
  • 1969–70: 1ª nel girone A della Promozione Campana, promosso in Serie D.
  • 1970–71: 8ª in Serie D.
  • 1971–72: 10ª in Serie D.
  • 1972–73: 7ª in Serie D.
  • 1973–74: 4ª in Serie D.
  • 1974–75: 8ª in Serie D.
  • 1975–76: 12ª in Serie D.
  • 1976–77: 6ª in Serie D.
  • 1977–78: 7ª in Serie D.
  • 1978–79: 12ª in Serie D.
  • 1979–80: 17ª in Serie D, retrocede in Promozione Campana.
  • 1980–81: ? nel girone x della Promozione Campana, retrocede in Prima Categoria Campana.
  • 1981–82: ? in Prima Categoria Campana, retrocede in Seconda Categoria Campana.
  • 1982: La società fallisce. L'Internapoli si trasferisce a Pozzuoli e diventa S.C. Puteolana 1909.
  • 1982–83: 11ª nel girone H dell'Interregionale.
  • 1983–84: 4ª nel girone H dell'Interregionale.
  • 1984–85: 15ª nel girone L dell'Interregionale, retrocede in Promozione Campana.
  • 1985–86: 4ª nel girone B della Promozione Campana.
  • 1986: La società fallisce. La Campania si trasferisce da Napoli a Pozzuoli e diventa Campania-Puteolana.
  • 1986–87: 6ª in Serie C1.
  • 1987–88: 17ª in Serie C1, retrocede in Serie C2.
  • 1988–89: 1ª in Serie C2. Promosso in Serie C1.
  • 1989–90: 14ª in Serie C1.
  • 1990–91: 18ª in Serie C1, retrocede in Serie C2.
  • 1991–92: 20ª in Serie C2, retrocede in Serie D.
  • 1992: La Campania-Puteolana ritorna a Napoli e riprende la denominazione di Campania.
  • 1992–93 – 17° nel girone H della Serie D, retrocede in Eccellenza Campana.
  • 1993: Nasce il Comprensorio Puteolano, che acquista il titolo sportivo del Caloria.
  • 1993–94: 2ª nel girone A dell'Eccellenza Campana, promossa nel CND.
  • 1994–95: 11ª nel girone H del CND.
  • 1995–96: 4ª nel girone G del CND.
  • 1996: Diventa Pozzuoli Calcio.
  • 1996–97: 8ª nel girone G del CND.
  • 1997–98: 14ª nel girone G del CND.
  • 1996: Diventa F.C. Puteolana.
  • 1998–99: 3ª nel girone I del CND.
  • 1999-00: 1ª nel girone G del CND, promosso in Serie C2.
  • 2000–01: 4ª nel girone C della Serie C2, ammessa ai play-off. Eliminata al primo turno dal Catanzaro.
  • 2001–02: 15ª nel girone C della Serie C2, ammessa ai play-out. Elimina il Tricase, che retrocede.
  • 2002–03: 18ª in Serie C2, retrocede in Serie D.
  • 2003–04: 12ª nel girone G di Serie D.
  • 2004–05: 17ª nel girone G di Serie D, retrocede in Eccellenza Campana.
  • 2005–06: 13ª nel girone A di Eccellenza Campana.
  • 2006–07: 14ª nel girone A di Eccellenza Campana. Retrocede in Promozione Campana, ma viene ripescata in Eccellenza.
  • 2007–08: 15ª nel girone A di Eccellenza Campana. Retrocede in Promozione Campana.
  • 2008: Si fonde con il Gragnano (Serie D). La nuova società, A.S.D. Atletico Puteolana 2008, viene iscritta al Campionato di Serie D.
  • 2008–09: 15ª in serie D, ammessa ai play-out. Eliminata dal Castrovillari, retrocede in Eccellenza Campana.
  • 2009–10: non iscritta ad alcun campionato né professionistico né dilettantistico causa la cessione del titolo alla Real Boschese, squadra militante nel Campionato di calcio di Eccellenza Campana.

Notable former players

Notable former managers


III Divisione / Serie C

  • Winners: 1924–25

Serie C2

  • Winners: 1988–89

Coppa Italia Serie C

  • Runners-up: 1986–1987

Serie D

  • Winners: 1999–00

Eccellenza Campania

  • Winners: 1969–70
  • Promoted: 1993–94

Promozione Campania

  • Winners: 1962–63
  • Promoted: 1951–52, 1992–93

Prima Divisione Campania

  • Winners: 1947–48

References and notes

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