Jeffrey Bardwell

Infobox soap character
name = Jeffrey Bardwell
series = The Young and the Restless
portrayer = Ted Shackelford
first = 7 August 2007
last =
cause =
creator = Lynn Marie Latham

caption1 = Ted Shackelford as Jeffrey Bardwell (2007)
nickname = Jeff
alias =
gender = Male
born =
death =
age =
occupation = Founder of "Agreeing Lovers"
Former Lawyer
title =
residence = Genoa City, Wisconsin
parents = Unamed Woman
(mother; deceased)
siblings = William Bardwell
(identical twin brother; deceased)
spouse = Gloria Bardwell
(divorced; first time) [01/2008-05/2008]
Gloria Bardwell
(married; second time) [06/2008+]
romances = Kyon
(girlfriend from Korea)
Jill Abbott
children =
grandchildren =
grandparents =
aunts/uncles =
cousins =
relatives =
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Jeffrey Bardwell is a fictional character in the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless", portrayed by actor Ted Shackelford.

Arrival in Genoa City

Jeffrey is the twin brother of the late William Bardwell (who was also portrayed by Ted Shackelford). He appeared on August 7, 2007 during William's wake, much to the surprise of his sister-in-law, Gloria (Judith Chapman).

Jeffrey had been trying to figure out why William sent him a package before his death containing a sample of a tainted face cream called Glo’Again and a message stating "Even after I die, don't let her get away with it". After further investigation, Jeffrey discovered that William had been referring to Gloria, who had tampered with the initial batch of Glo’Again made at Jabot Cosmetics, which resulted in several people being burned and possibly one woman's death (which was ruled legally as inconclusive, since this may have also been caused by food poisoning).

Jeffrey threatened to turn Gloria in to the police if she did not marry him (so that he would receive the inheritance that William left Gloria and the money she would also inherit from her other late husband John Abbott). Gloria reluctantly agreed and the two went to Las Vegas, Nevada and got married.

Married Life

He and Gloria lived in the Abbott mansion alongside Jack Abbott and his family, thanks to a court order for most of their married life.

Jeffrey always seemed to enjoy playing cat-and-mouse games with Gloria, him always one step ahead of her attempting to sabotage his own sabotage of her. Gloria's well-intentioned antics set him back, but he enjoys the games they play.

Although his marriage to Gloria is only real by name, he is trying to convince her to have sexual intercourse with him to make the marriage fun, and he also wants to team up with her to achieve great things. However, what Jeffrey says and what Jeffrey does may very well be two different entities.

One of the final straws in his marriage to Gloria was when Jeffrey teamed-up with Jack and Sharon to get Gloria to move out of the mansion (one of the reasons being his increasing desire to consummate their relationship). The trio hired a man named Alistair Wallingford who looked almost identical to John Abbott in an effort to scare her. But their plan backfired with Alistair found himself infatuated with "the fair Gloria" and confessed the whole thing. Not long afterwards, Jeffrey's Korean mistress, Kyon, also showed up at the Abbott's door. After catching them together, Gloria stormed out.

The Divorce

Surprisingly—especially for Gloria—Jeffrey and his former sister-in-law developed actual feelings for one another. That didn't stop Jeffrey from eventually asking for a divorce, though. Once that was over, Gloria was practically penniless, and forced to work at Crimson Lights Coffeehouse (after being fired from Jabot Cosmetics on top of everything else).

Gloria decided to get back at Jeffrey and Jill one day when they came into the coffee house and Jeffrey condescendingly ordered two more coffees with the specification, "make sure it's hot this time." Not realizing that he had a serious allergy to hot sauce, Gloria poured some into their drinks. The resulting anaphylactic attack sent Jeffrey to Genoa City Memorial. Jeffrey's near-death experience rattled Glora deeply, especially the next day when Jill cruelly told her that Jeffrey had died as a result.

In truth, however, Jeffrey survived, and was taken to the Chancellor Estate to recuperate. While there he tore up a note that he had written to Gloria while in the emergency room; only Esther Valentine (Kate Linder), Katherine Chancellor's (Jeanne Cooper) maid, saw Jeffrey tear up the note. The part that was shown on screen read:

"June 5th -- To My Darling Gloria -- When you look death in the face, you know nothing left..." [Episode Aired 06/05/08]

A short while after, once learning that Jeffrey was still alive (with help from Sharon Abbott (Sharon Case), Gloria went to the Chancellor Estate to apologize to Jeffrey in person. However, before he came downstairs, Jill implied to Gloria that Jeffrey had confessed everything to her about the poisonous face cream; in reality, all he had made was a vague reference to Gloria's scheming history. Jill's prodding was enough, however, to convince Gloria that Jeffrey had betrayed her. [Episode Aired 06/06/08] For his part, Jeffrey did not play into Jill's hands in a similar manner, and instead maintained that he didn't know what either Jill or Gloria were talking about.

The next day, Esther shared the torn-up letter—which she had pieced together after it "fell" out of Jeffrey's pocket—with Katherine. She promptly called on Jeffrey and angrily confronted him about his lingering love for Gloria and the fact that he was "scamming" Jill. Spurred on by Katherine, Jeffrey went to see Gloria, but instead found her in the arms of Alistair Wallingford (who was actually just offering her a hug of consolation).

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