Servants to Asia's Urban Poor

"Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor" - christian community established by Viv Grigg [ [ Servants to Asia's Urban Poor] ] . The movement has been serving the poorest of the poor in the mega-cities of Asia for nearly 25 years. Grigg began the community as a result of his Christian missionary service in Manila. He was astounded to find no missionary living in the slums so began his work by renting a room in the squatter settlement of Tatalon.

"Servants has... teams in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Canada and two Indian cities, as well as Sending Offices in North America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Philippines and Switzerland. The community intends to commence work amongst the urban poor in London and Burma."

The Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor work from the five principles of:

Incarnation - to share life with the urban poor,

"live with them, learn from them, build genuine relationships, participate in their lives and struggles, learn their language and their culture, and work out how Jesus’ love can best be shown in their context."

Community - A commitment to the communities served,

"a passion to work together in supportive teams that model the love, care and community that Jesus taught, working with people, not just for them."

Wholism - Aspiring to see the good news of Jesus proclaimed in word, deed and power.

"We have a God who is working to renew all things and to restore wholeness of life to individuals and communities, rich and poor alike. We work for justice, proclaim God’s grace, and lift all things to Him in prayer."

Servanthood - To follow Jesus who came in humility ‘not to be served but to serve’, the path to true leadership.

"We empower the poor by placing control in their hands and not overpowering them with outside resources or expertise. With courage, we embrace sacrifice and suffering, share faithfully in the life of Jesus and the poor."

Simple Lifestyle - Commitment to simplicity of life in order to be free to love and serve God and the poor.

"Setting aside our ‘right’ to affluence while there are still those who live in abject poverty, we desire to be a relevant yet prophetic voice in a world preoccupied with self."

The teams of the organization at present (2007) work in India, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines and preparing to operate in Jakarta, Yangon and London. The main office of the community is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. [ [ Directory] ]

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