List of leaders of the Official Opposition (Montreal)

This is a list of the Leaders of the opposition party at the Montreal City Hall. Party colours do not indicate affiliation or resemblance to a provincial or a federal party.

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Electoral district
Took Office
Left Office

Michael FainstatNotre-Dame-de-Grâce19741978RCM
Nick Auf der MaurCôte-des-Neiges19781982GAM
Michael FainstatLa Confédération19821984 RCM
Jean DoréSaint-Jean-Baptiste19841986RCM
Germain PrégentSaint-Henri19861988 [Prégent crossed the floor to sit as an "Independent" in 1988.] Civic Party
Nick Auf der MaurPeter-McGill19881989 [Auf der Maur crossed the floor and joined the "Parti Municipal" in 1989.] Civic Party
Nick Auf der MaurPeter-McGill19891990Municipal Party
Alain AndréAhuntsic19901991Municipal Party
Sam BoskeyDécarie19911992Democratic Coalition
Nick Auf der MaurPeter-McGill19921994Civic Party [During the summer of 1994, Jérôme Choquette's "Parti des Montréalais (Montrealers’ Party)" absorbs the "Parti Civique de Montréal (Civic Party of Montreal)".]
André LavalléeBourbonnière19941997 [Lavallée crossed the floor to sit as an "Independent" in 1997.] RCM
Thérèse DaviauPlateau-Mont-Royal19971998 [Daviau crossed the floor to sit as an "Independent" in 1998.] RCM
Jack ChadirdjianDarlington19981998New Montreal [ [ Nouveau Montréal à l'opposition officielle, May 26, 1998] ]
Michel PrescottJeanne-Mance19982001RCM [In July 2001, Gérald Tremblay's "Union des citoyens et des citoyennes de l’Île de Montréal (UCIM)" absorbs the "Rassemblement des citoyens et des citoyennes de Montréal (RCM)".]
Michel PrescottJeanne-Mance20012001UCIM
Pierre BourqueMarie-Victorin20012003Vision Montreal
Martin Lemay [Martin Lemay served as Acting Leader of "Vision Montreal" and as Acting Leader of the Opposition, when Pierre Bourque unsuccessfully ran as an "ADQ" candidate for a seat to the provincial legislature.] Sainte-Marie20032003Vision Montreal
Pierre BourqueMarie-Victorin20032006Vision Montreal
Noushig Eloyan [Following the resignation of Pierre Bourque, François Purcell (district of Saint-Édouard) was selected as Acting Leader of "Vision Montreal"; Noushig Eloyan, as Acting Leader of the Opposition.] Bordeaux-Cartierville20062008Vision Montreal
Benoit Labonté [cite news|url=|title=Labonté officially becomes leader of Vision Montréal|last=Hustak|first=Alan|date=2008-05-25|publisher=Montreal Gazette|accessdate=2008-05-25] Ville-Marie2008presentVision Montreal


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