Conformance mark

Much equipment and tools have conformance marks stamped, inscribed, moulded, or printed on them to indicate that the tool or equipment in question meets the standards set by the body indicated by the mark or marks in question.

They are different from maker's marks that indicate the origin of manufacture.

An early example of a conformance mark might be the use of a hallmark on precious metals to indicate that the marked item will meet a particular assay standard.

Examples of such marks include the Underwriters Laboratories mark in the USA, and the CE mark in the European Economic Area except Switzerland, but additionally including Turkey.

Apart from the national standards bodies that are members of ISO, there are other organisations that provide conformance standards. This can often be noted on electro-technical equipment, with marks appearing from one or several of the bodies listed below. In many cases, these originated as national standards organisations which provided commercial testing and assessment services. These commercial activities have then often been outsourced or taken over by trans-national businesses, which have retained the historical (national) conformance mark but have expanded the business internationally.

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