Einstein (disambiguation)

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist.

See Einstein (surname) for many people with this name.

Einstein may also refer to:
* Einstein (crater), a large lunar crater
* 2001 Einstein - a main belt asteroid
* Einstein Observatory, the name of NASA's second High Energy Astrophysical Observatory (HEAO-2)
* Einstein relation, an equation linking the diffusion constant to the mobility
* Einstein (unit), a physical unit defined as one mole of photons
* Tatung Einstein, an eight-bit home/personal computer produced by Taiwanese corporation Tatung
* Einstein is itself often used as a synonym for genius
*Einstein (US-CERT program), an intrusion detection program developed by US-CERT and used by the United States Department of Homeland Security

In literature:
* Einstein (novel), a novel by Miles Gibson published in 2004.

In film:
* Einstein (Farscape), one of the Ancients and an ally of sorts for John Crichton from sci-fi series Farscape
* Einstein (Back to the Future), dog of Doc Brown in the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy
* "Little Einsteins", an animated TV series for children
* "Young Einstein", a comedy movie starring Yahoo Serious, released in 1988

In schools:
* Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a graduate school of Yeshiva University
* Albert Einstein High School, a four year high school located in Kensington, Maryland
* Albert Einstein Middle School, a junior high school in the Shoreline School District in Sacramento, California
* Another Albert Einstein Middle School in the Sacramento City Unified School District

ee also

* Einstein Bros. Bagels
* "Einstein on the Beach"
* EinStein würfelt nicht
* Baby Einstein
* Einstein refrigerator

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