Giulietta e Romeo (musical)

"Giulietta & Romeo" is an Italian-language musical with music by Riccardo Cocciante and lyrics by Pasquale Panella, based on William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet". Since its world premiere in Verona on June 1, 2007, directed by Sergio Carrubba, the musical has toured throughout Italy, playing in various Italian cities, including Rome, Milan, Naples and others. There are plans to stage it in other European nations in the Italian language.

The cast is composed mostly of boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 18. Each actor has at least two roles.


Juliet and Romeo's young love is strongly opposed by their two families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Their feelings are intensely passionate, but they inevitably meet a tragic fate.

Changes from the Shakespeare story

Mercutio is an omniscient character, who sings the overture and guides the meeting of Romeo and Juliet during the party at Capuleti's home. The role of Tybalt is circumscribed to the quarrels among the family clans. He has a scanty character and grazes madness. Lord Capulet's role is expanded. The roles of Lady Capulet and Lady Montague are eliminated.

Juliet dies because of a heartbreak, instead of by the dagger. Friar Lawrence is the character that indirectly decides the fate of Romeo and Juliette driving them during the second act. At the end he will cry over the deaths together with the two fathers.

Original cast

Romeo: Marco Vito, Flavio Gismondi, Daniele Carta Mantiglia
Juliette: Tania Tuccinardi, Alessandra Ferrari, Maria Francesca Bartolomucci
Benvolio: Angelo Del Vecchio, Damiano Borgi
Mercutio: Gian Marco Schiaretti, Francesco Capodacqua
Tybalt: Valerio Di Rocco, Gaetano Caruso
Lord Capulet: Giuseppe Pellingra, Francesco Antimiani
Lord Montague: Francesco Antimiani, Giuseppe Pellingra
Nurse: Silvia Querci, Chiara Luppi
Friar Lawrence: Fabrizio Voghera, Luca Maggiore
Prince Escalus: Alessandro Arcodia, Gaetano Caruso


;Act I
#Verona ("Verona")
#L'affronto ("The confrontation")
#Non l'odio, l'amore ("Not hatred, but love")
#Io amo e non so ("I love and don't know")
#Ragazze tra le stelle ("Girls among the stars")
#Stanotte ho fatto un sogno ("Last night I had a dream")
#La regina della notte ("The queen of the night")
#La festa siamo noi ("We are the party")
#La festa della festa ("The party of the party")
#La festa siamo noi (segue) ("We are the party (continued)")
#Ah... quell'amore ("Oh... that love")
#La festa siamo noi (segue) ("We are the party (continued)")
#C'è tutto sotto sotto ("Everything lies down below")
#Gli occhi negli occhi ("Eyes that meet")
#L'amore ha fatto l'amore ("Love has made love")
#La mano nella mano ("Hand in hand")
#T'amo ("I love you")
#Il nome del nemico ("The name of the enemy")
#Chi sei? ("Who are you?")
#Io, Romeo ("I, Romeo")
#Voglio vedere Giulietta ("I want to see Juliet")
#Il tuo nome ("Your name")
#Notte più bella di tutte ("Most beautous night of all')
#Giulietta esiste ("Juliet is real")
#Tu sei ("You are")
#Maledizione benedizione ("Curse and blessing");Act II
#L'amore è fatto già ("You're already making love")
#Nei fiori ("In flowers")
#Io vi benedico ("I bless you")
#Mercuzio, Tebaldo, le spade ("Mercutio, Tybalt, the swords")
#Sono ferito ("I am wounded")
#Com'è leggera la vita ("How light life is")
#Romeo, Tebaldo, le spade ("Romeo, Tybalt, the swords")
#Morte di Tebaldo ("The death of Tybalt")
#No, Verona, no ("No, Verona, no")
#Lontano da Verona ("Far from Verona")
#Per rabbia e per errore ("Out of anger and error")
#La notizia a Giulietta ("Juliet hears the news")
#Tu sei bandito ("You are exiled")
#Quel respiro, la vita ("That breath, life")
#Non è ancora giorno ("The day has not yet come")
#Morto il mio cuore ("Death of my heart")
#Giulietta, io so quanto soffri ("I know how you are suffering, Juliet")
#Festa presto ("Party smartly")
#E se non mi svegliassi ("What if were not to wake again")
#Festa presto (segue) ("Party smartly (continued)")
#Bambina mia ("My little girl")
#Stanotte ("Last night")
#Il corpo di Giulietta ("Juliet's body")
#Morte di Romeo ("The death of Romeo")
#Il cuore ("My heart")
#Perché ("Why")

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