Sophie Pitt-Turnbull Discovers America

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Sophie Pitt-Turnbull discovers America (2003) is a teen fiction novel by Dyan Sheldon. It follows the adventures of a narrow-minded, "dull" girl, Sophie, as she ventures to America to stay with her mum's old friend, Mrs Salamanca. Initially she hates life in America and living with the Salamancas. However, over time, she comes to love the place and people.

Sophie Pitt Turnbull lives in Putney, England. Every year, she is desperate to go to France. But with the arrival of her brother Xar and her father writing another novel she can't go, much to her disappointment, certainly with her best friend Jocelyn Scolfield going out with her ex.

Her mother, referred to as Mummy, old art school friend Mrs Salamanca asks if Sophie would like to swap places with her daughter Cherry because she wanted to go to Europe with school but couldn't.

When Sophie arrives at JFK New York City airport she is surprised to find that Jack or Mrs Salamanca very lately arrives as a Brooklyne resident and is driving a run down van. When Sophie arrives with them at her new home she is shocked to find that she has to share a room with Cherrys sister. She sleeps on a mattress on the floor.

Sophie is most upset to find that her case is not there and has been lost by the airline. On Monday Jack goes to work Sophie is horrified to find herself looking after the two younger children. She drops them off at clue and spends the rest of the proceeding days doing Yoga in the living room.

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