Beamer may mean:
*Beamer (cricket), an uncommon (illegal) cricket delivery which reaches the batsman at head-height, without bouncing
*Beamer (LaTeX), an extension to the LaTeX typesetting software for creating presentation slides

Beamer is the surname of:
*Ann Beamer, a fictional character in the film "Double Whammy".
*Ben Beamer, early American outdoorsman, helped to create the Beamer Trail
*Diane Beamer, Australian politician.
*Frank Beamer, head coach of the Virginia Tech "Hokies" football team.
*Keola Beamer, a Hawaiian slack-key guitar player.
*Todd Beamer, victim of the September 11th Attacks famous for his catchphrase "Let's roll".

Beamer is slang for:
*IBM Corporation employee (anachronistic).
*Video projector, a pseudo-anglicism in a number of languages including German, Dutch and Latvian
*BMW (slang) A vehicle produced by the German car manufacturer BMW, particularly motorcycles. Bimmer typically refers to BMW's cars.

Beamer may also refer to:
*Beamer Trail,a hiking trail in Grand Canyon National Park in the USA.
*Buzz Beamer (Sports Illustrated), a comic strip.
*Todd Beamer High School, a four year secondary school in Washington state, USA

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