ART is a three-letter acronym that can mean:


* Antiretroviral therapy. It is used in the treatment of HIV infection.
* assisted reproductive technology
* Androgen Replacement Therapy

ART Acronyms and Definitions

* Available Revenue Time
* Argentina Time
* Adaptive resonance theory
* Advanced Rapid Transit metro technology
* Aggression Replacement Training

* Arlington Transit, a bus service that serves Arlington County, Virginia
* Anaheim Resort Transit
* Watertown International Airport (IATA airport code: ART)
* ISO 639 alpha-3 code for otherwise unassigned artificial languages
* Alternative Risk Transfer, a method of transferring insurance risk to the capital markets
* Arab Radio and Television Network
* The National Rail code for Arrochar and Tarbet railway station, United Kingdom. External links: Sildb prim|ART|station information; Mmukpcloc|G83|7DA; Brldb prim|ART|live departures and arrivals.
* Angular Radial Transform, the region based form descriptor proposed by MPEG-7.
* ART image file format
* Algebraic Reconstruction Technique, a basic algorithm for the reconstruction of a two-dimensional image from one-dimensional input data, used in Computed Tomography scanning.
* American Repertory Theatre, a theater and graduate-level acting and dramaturgy educational institute affiliated with Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
* ART Grand Prix, team in GP2 Series.
* Applied Research and Technology
* Attendance Recording Terminal

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* Art (disambiguation)

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