Henry I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Henry I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Henry (1267 – 7 September 1322, Salzderhelden), Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, called the Admirable (Latin "Henricus Mirabilis"), was the first ruler of the Principality of Grubenhagen.

The eldest son of Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, he first took over the state after his fathers death jointly with two of his brothers. In 1291 the brothers divided the territory; Henry received the part that came to be known as Grubenhagen. It included the cities of Einbeck, half of Hamelin, Clausthal, Amelungsborn, Duderstadt, Herzberg, and Osterode. Henry quarreled with his brother Albert over Brunswick, but Albert prevailed, and Henry retreated to Grubenhagen. He took Einbeck as his residence.

In 1320, Henry was appointed count palatine of Saxony by the emperor. He died in 1322, and his three surviving sons who had not joined the Church divided his territory among each other.


Henry married Agnes, daughter of Albert the Degenerate, Margrave of Meissen, in 1282. They had 16 children:
* Elizabeth (born c. 1282), married Frederick, Count of Beichlingen
* Otto (born c. 1283, died in or before 1309)
* Albert (born c. 1284, died after 1341), joined the Teutonic Order
* Adelaide (1285 – 1320), married King Henry I of Bohemia
* Facie (daughter; born c. 1286, died before or in 1312)
* Agnes, Abbess of Osterode (born c. 1287, died between 1332 and 1336)
* Henry (born c. 1289, died before or in 1351)
* Frederick (c. 1291 – c. 1323)
* Adelheid of Brunswick (c. 1293 – 17 August 1324), married Andronikos III Palaiologos, Roman Emperor
* Conrad (c. 1294 – c. 1320)
* Mechtild (c. 1295 – 14 March 1344), married John III, Prince of Werle
* Ernest (c. 1297 – 11 March 1361)
* William (c. 1298 – 1360)
* Richardis, Abbess of Osterode (born c. 1300, died between 1332 and 1336)
* Margaret (born c. 1300, died in or after 1312)
* John, (born before 1322, died 23 May 1367), provost at Einbeck


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