Standard Films

Standard Films was started in 1991 and is a snowboard film company started by brothers Mike and Dave Hatchett. As at 2007 they have produced a snowboarding film every year.

The company was started when one of the two brothers (as a professional snowboarder) was in a serious snowboarding accident in a particularly treacherous chute, breaking his femur. The injury caused him to lose 2" from his right leg and brought his professional snowboarding career to an end. The brothers chose to make films to continue the professional snow sports lifestyle.

Standard Films are generally shot on 16 mm film. Due to the cumbersome nature of the filming equipment, this is uncommon amongst snowboarding films, which are not usually marketed for cinematic quality.

The films are well regarded for their long history and their emphasis on snowboarding, rather than on the peripheral snow-sports activities, and high quality filming and post-production.

Standard Films feature the top riders of the day paired with the best filmers, pushing the limits of possibilities in professionalism.


*"Totally Board" (1991)
*"TB 2" (1992)
*"TB 3" (1993)
*"TB 4" (1994)
*"TB 5" (1995)
*"TB 6" (1996)
*"TB 7" (1997)
*"TB 8" (1998)
*"TB 9" (1999)
*"TB 10" (2000)
*"Best of TB Series" (2001)
*"Notice to Appear" (2002)
*"White Balance" (2003)
*"Lost in Transition" (2004)
*"Paradox" (2005)
*"Draw the Line" (2006)
*"Catch the Vapors" (2007)
*"Aesthetica" (2008)

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