Gregorio della Suburra

Gregorio della Suburra (died 1163) was an Italian cardinal and cardinal-nephew of Pope Anastasius IV, his uncle who elevated him in December 1153. [Miranda, Salvator. 1998. " [ XII Century (1099-1198)] ."] Between April 20 and April 25, 1154 he signed the papal bulls as Cardinal-Deacon and bishop-elect of Sabina, while from November 1154 until September 20, 1162 as Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina [Jaffé Philipp, "Regesta...", p. 653, 658 and 677] . After the double papal election in September 1159 he supported the obedience of Pope Alexander III [S. Miranda: [ Papal election of 1159] ] . He became Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in 1159, after the deposition of Cardinal Icmar of Tusculum, who had consecrated Antipope Victor IV (1159-1164) and joined his obedience.



*Philipp Jaffé, [ Regesta pontificum Romanorum ab condita Ecclesia ad annum post Christum natum MCXCVIII] , Berlin 1851

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