The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection

"The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection" is a three-disc DVD collection of theatrical cartoons produced by Walter Lantz Productions for Universal Pictures between 1930 and 1956. The set was released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment on July 24, 2007, and marks the first time a collection of cartoons starring Woody Woodpecker and the other Lantz characters have been widely available on home video (a previous fifteen-volume collection of "Woody Woodpecker Show" DVDs was made available for mail order through Columbia House in the early 2000s.)

Included in the set are seventy-five cartoon shorts, including the first forty-five "Woody Woodpecker" cartoons, in production order. The other thirty cartoons include five "Andy Panda" shorts, five "Chilly Willy" shorts, five "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" shorts, five "Swing Symphonies", and ten one-shot "Cartune Classics".

A was issued in 2008.

DVD contents

Disc one

*Woody Woodpecker
**"Knock Knock
**"Woody Woodpecker
**"The Screwdriver
**"Pantry Panic
**"The Hollywood Matador
**"Ace in the Hole
**"The Loan Stranger
**"The Screwball
**"The Dizzy Acrobat
**"Ration Bored
**"The Barber of Seville
**"The Beach Nut
**"Ski for Two
**"Chew-Chew Baby
**"Woody Dines Out

*Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
**"Hell's Heels
**"Grandma's Pet
**"Merry Old Soul

*Cartune Classics
**"King Klunk
**"Toyland Premiere
**"Hollywood Bowl
**"Scrambled Eggs
**"Hysterical Highspots in American History

*Bonus features:
**1982 documentary short: "Walter, Woody and the World of Animation"
**Vintage 1932 documentary short: "Cartoonland Mysteries"

Disc two

*Woody Woodpecker
**"The Dippy Diplomat
**"The Loose Nut
**"Who's Cookin' Who?
**"Bathing Buddies
**"The Reckless Driver
**"Fair Weather Fiends
**"Musical Moments from Chopin
**"Smoked Hams
**"The Coo-Coo Bird
**"Well Oiled
**"Solid Ivory
**"Woody the Giant Killer
**"The Mad Hatter
**"Banquet Busters
**"Wacky-Bye Baby

*Andy Panda
**"Life Begins for Andy Panda
**"Fish Fry
**"Apple Andy
**"The Bandmaster
**"Scrappy Birthday

*Swing Symphonies
**"$21 a Day (Once a Month)
**"Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy!
**"The Greatest Man in Siam
**"Abou Ben Boogie
**"The Pied Piper of Basin Street

*Bonus features:
**Six behind-the-scenes segments produced for "The Woody Woodpecker Show"

Disc three

*Woody Woodpecker
**"Wet Blanket Policy
**"Wild and Woody
**"Drooler's Delight
**"Puny Express
**"Sleep Happy
**"Wicket Wacky
**"Slingshot 6 7/8
**"The Redwood Sap
**"The Woody Woodpecker Polka
**"Destination Meatball
**"Born to Peck
**"Stage Hoax
**"Woodpecker in the Rough
**"Scalp Treatment
**"The Great Who-Dood-It

*Chilly Willy
**"Chilly Willy
**"I'm Cold
**"The Legend of Rockabye Point
**"Hot and Cold Penguin
**"Room and Wrath

*Cartune Classics
**"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company "B"
**"Mother Goose on the Loose
**"Pigeon Patrol
**"Crazy Mixed Up Pup

*Bonus feature:
**"The Woody Woodpecker Show: Spook-a-Nanny": A complete 1964 episode of "The Woody Woodpecker Show", featuring "Over the Counter Spy" (Woody Woodpecker), "Playful Pelican" (Andy Panda), and "Spook-a-Nanny", the only original Woody Woodpecker cartoon created for the series


* [ Official DVD website]

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