Flyweight is a class in boxing which includes fighters weighing less than 112 lb (51 kg) but above 108 lb (49 kg).

Professional boxing

The flyweight division was the last of boxing's eight traditional weight classes to be established. Before 1909, anyone below featherweight was considered a bantamweight, regardless of how small the boxer. In 1911, the organization that eventually became the British Boxing Board of Control held a match that crowned Sid Smith as the first flyweight champion of the world. Jimmy Wilde, who reigned from 1914 to 1923, was the first fighter recognized both in Britain and the United States as a flyweight champion. [cite book
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Some notable flyweights include Pone Kingpetch, Walter McGowan, Pascual Pérez, Pancho Villa, Dave McAuley, Miguel Canto, Pone Kingpetch, and Jorge Arce.

Current world champions

Amateur Champions

Olympic Champions

*1904 – flagIOCathlete|George Finnegan|USA|1904 Summer
*1920 – flagIOCathlete|Frankie Genaro|USA|1920 Summer
*1924 – flagIOCathlete|Fidel La Barba|USA|1924 Summer
*1928 – flagIOCathlete|Antal Kocsis|HUN|1928 Summer
*1932 – flagIOCathlete|István Énekes|HUN|1932 Summer
*1936 – flagIOCathlete|Willi Kaiser|GER|1936 Summer
*1948 – flagIOCathlete|Pascual Pérez|ARG|1948 Summer
*1952 – flagIOCathlete|Nathan Brooks|USA|1952 Summer
*1956 – flagIOCathlete|Terry Spinks|GBR|1956 Summer
*1960 – flagIOCathlete|Gyula Török|HUN|1960 Summer
*1964 – flagIOCathlete|Fernando Atzori|ITA|1964 Summer
*1968 – flagIOCathlete|Ricardo Delgado|MEX|1968 Summer
*1972 – flagIOCathlete|Georgi Kostadinov|BUL|1972 Summer
*1976 – flagIOCathlete|Leo Randolph|USA|1976 Summer
*1980 – flagIOCathlete|Petar Lessov|BUL|1980 Summer
*1984 – flagIOCathlete|Steve McCrory|USA|1984 Summer
*1988 – flagIOCathlete|Kim Kwang-Sun|KOR|1988 Summer
*1992 – flagIOCathlete|Choi Chol-Su|PRK|1992 Summer
*1996 – flagIOCathlete|Maikro Romero|CUB|1996 Summer
*2000 – flagIOCathlete|Wijan Ponlid|THA|2000 Summer
*2004 – flagIOCathlete|Yuriorkis Gamboa|CUB|2004 Summer
*2008 – flagIOCathlete|Somjit Jongjohor|THA|2008 Summer

Pan American Champions

*1951 – flagicon|ARG Alberto Barenghi (ARG)
*1955 – flagicon|MEX Hilario Correa (MEX)
*1959 – flagicon|ARG Miguel Angel Botta (ARG)
*1963 – flagicon|URU Floreal García (URU)
*1967 – flagicon|VEN Francisco Rodríguez (VEN)
*1971 – flagicon|VEN Francisco Rodríguez (VEN)
*1975 – flagicon|CUB Ramón Duvalón (CUB)
*1979 – flagicon|PUR Alberto Mercado (PUR)
*1983 – flagicon|CUB Pedro Orlando Reyes (CUB)
*1987 – flagicon|CUB Adalberto Regalado (CUB)
*1991 – flagicon|CUB José Ramos (CUB)
*1995 – flagicon|DOM Joan Guzmán (DOM)
*1999 – flagicon|ARG Omar Andrés Narváez (ARG)
*2003 – flagicon|CUB Yuriorkis Gamboa (CUB)

Professional Champions

*List of flyweight boxing champions


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