Hearts in Dixie (film)

name = Hearts In Dixie

director = Paul H. Sloan
writer = Walter Weems
starring = Clarence Muse Stepin Fetchit Eugene Jackson Bernice Pilot
distributor = Fox Film Corporation
released = May 1929 (USA)
runtime = 71 min.
producer =
music =
cinematography =
editing =
country = USA
language = English
budget =
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website =
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imdb_id = 0019971|
"Hearts in Dixie" (1929), is one of the first all-talkie, big-studio production to boast a predominately African-American cast. "Hearts in Dixie" unfolds as a series of sketches of life among American blacks. It featured characters with dignity, who took action on their own, and who weren't slaves.Fact|date=October 2008 The plot focuses on Grandfather Nappus (Clarence Muse), his daughter, Chloe (Bernice Pilot), her young son, Chinaquapin (Eugene Jackson), and her husband, Gummy (Stepin Fetchit). To make certain his grandson Chinaquapin does not end up like his father or become tainted by the superstitions that dominate the community, the grandfather, decides to send the boy away. One particularly tender scene shows Nappus love for his grandson, whom he sends North for schooling. The film ends with the youngster's departure aboard a riverboat. [Langman, Larry. "Hollywood's Image of the South: A Century of Southern Films", Greenwood Press, 2001 - ISBN 0313318867]


*Clarence Muse: Nappus
*Stepin Fetchit: Gummy
*Eugene Jackson: Chinquapin
*Bernice Pilot: Chloe
*Clifford Ingram: Rammey
*Mildred Washington: Trallia
*Zack Williams: Deacon
*Gertrude Howard: Emmy
*Dorothy Morrison: Melia
*Vivian Smith: Violet
*A.C.H. Billbrew: Voodoo Woman
*Richard Carlyle: White Doctor
*The Billbrew Chorus


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