El cielo abierto

El cielo abierto

name = El cielo abierto

director = Miguel Albaladejo
writer = Miguel Albaladejo Elvira Lindo
starring = Sergi López Mariola Fuentes María José Alfonso Emilio Gutiérrez Caba Geli Albaladejo Marcela Walerstein Elvira Lindo
producer = Francisco Ramos Fernando de Garcillán
release date = 2000
runtime = 110 minutes
language = Spanish
budget =
music = Lucio Godoy
imdb_id = 0276863
country = Spain
production_company = |

"El cielo abierto" (The Open Sky aka Ten Days Without Love) is a 2000 Spanish movie starring Sergi López and Mariola Fuentes.


Miguel's life changes completely when his wife starts a romance with his father. He is a psychiatrist and one of his patients stole his wallet, when he goes to his place to retrieve it he meets his sister Jasmina, an outspoken hairdresser and...every 1 turns happy

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* [http://spanish.imdb.com/title/tt0276863/ El cielo abierto in the IMDb]
*es [http://www.labutaca.net/films/2/elcieloabierto.htm Information]

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