Tap-Out is a fictional character from the toy, comic book, and cartoon storylines.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
name =Tap-Out

caption =
japanname =
affiliation =Autobot
subgroup =Convention Exclusives
rank =3
function =Bodyguard
partner =
motto ="Never quit."
alternatemodes =Porsche 924
series =
engvoice =
japanvoice =
Tap-Out is described as having once been a Decepticon prisoner in the infamous grease pits of Polyhex and is one of the best Autobots in hand-to-hand fighting.

3H Enterprises

He was assigned to the vessel "Sojourner's Passage" when it and several other ships were commissioned by Rodimus Prime for deep space exploration. The ship crash landed on an alien planet, and Tap-Out was one of only two survivors, the other one being the archaeometrist Glyph.

Dedicated to protect all innocent life in haunted memory of his own tragic past, Tap-Out became Glyph's bodyguard and a protector to the planet's humanoid inhabitants. Some 300 years later, he became aware of the arrival of Primal Prime's Wreckers when the naive CatSCAN wandered into a primitive camp. Attacking without bothering to answer questions, Tap-Out was thwarted by CatSCAN's initial non-harmful strike and then by the timely arrival of Primal Prime and the other Wreckers. Tap-Out apologized for his behavior, and presumably joined the Wreckers alongside Glyph after Cyclonus absconded with an alien energy source from the planet upon which he had crashed.

According to the script for the unreleased issue #4 of "Transformers: Universe - The Wreckers" the Wreckers returned to Cybertron where they helped repel the an invasion by the Quintessons.

Fun Publications

Snarl, Skywarp, Tap-Out and Triceratron appeared in the story "Wreckers: Finale Part 2" by the Transformers Collectors Club in 2007. During the invasion of Cybertron by the Quintessons all four vanished, taken captive by Unicron's transport beam.

Tap-Out was later seen among the prisoners of Unicron who escaped with the help of Optimus Primal.


*Transformers: Universe Tap-Out:A BotCon exclusive repaint of the Autobot Cliffjumper keychain.

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