Pierce (surname)

Pierce is a surname, a cognate of French "Pierre" ("Peter"):

*Benjamin C. Pierce, professor of computer science at the University of Pennsylvania known for two books on type theory
*Billy Pierce (Walter William Pierce) (born 1927), former starting pitcher in Major League Baseball
*Bradley Pierce (Bradley Michael Pierce) (born 1982), American voice-over artist and character actor
*Caroline Pierce (pornographic actress) (born 1974), American pornographic actress
*Charlie Pierce (Charles P. Pierce) (born 1953), American sportswriter
*Charles Pierce (1926–1999), American female impersonator
*Charles B. Pierce (born 1938) American film director
*Charles Wilson Pierce (1823–1907), U.S. Representative from Alabama
*Charles Pierce Davey (Chuck Davey) (1925–2002), American-born welterweight boxer and boxing commissioner for the state of Michigan
*Chonda Pierce, Christian comedienne often billed as "The Queen of clean"
*David Hyde Pierce (born 1959), American actor
*Edward C. Pierce (Edward Charles Pierce) (1930–2002), politician and physician from the U.S. state of Michigan
*Francis Junior Pierce (1924–1986), U.S. Navy Corpsman who received the Medal of Honor for actions in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II
*Franklin Pierce (1804–1869), the fourteenth President of the United States
*G. W. Pierce (George Washington Pierce) (1872–1956), Harvard professor of physics and inventor in the development of electronic telecommunications
*George Foster Pierce (1811–1884), American bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, elected in 1854
*Gilbert A. Pierce (Gilbert Ashville Pierce) (1839–1901), author, journalist, playwright, member of the Indiana state legislature, eighth Governor of Dakota Territory, and representative for North Dakota in the U.S. Senate
*Greg Pierce (born 1950), Australian rugby league identity — a former player and coach and a current administrator
*Henry L. Pierce (Henry Lillie Pierce) (1825–1896), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
*J.A. Pierce, the first Head Football Coach (1899–1900) for the University of Tennessee football team
*Jack Pierce (baseball) (Lavern Jack Pierce) (born 1948), former minor league baseball player
*Jack Pierce (make-up artist) (1889–1968), born Janus Piccoulas, Hollywood make-up artist who created Boris Karloff's make-up in Universal Studios' "Frankenstein"
*Jack Pierce (athlete) (born 1962) former American hurdling athlete, Olympic medalist
*James Pierce (James Hubert Pierce) (1900–1983), fourth actor to portray Tarzan on film
*Jane Pierce (Jane Means Appleton Pierce) (1806–1863), wife of Franklin Pierce, and First Lady of the United States from 1853 to 1857
*Jason Pierce ("J. Spaceman" or "Spaceman") (born 1965), English musician
*John Robinson Pierce (1910–2002), American engineer and author
*John Pierce (musician)
*John Pierce (country singer), American country artist
*Joseph L. Pierce (1841-1916), Asian-American who served in the 14th Connecticut Infantry during the American Civil War
*Julian Pierce (Julian T. Pierce) (?–1988), Lumbee Indian, chemist, lawyer, murdered at start of campaign to win electoral primary for position of superior court judge for Robeson, North Carolina
*Justin Pierce (Justin Charles Pierce) (1975–2000), English-American actor and professional skateboarder
*Kyle Pierce
*Larry Pierce (Dallas "Larry" Pierce)(died 1961) was an American figure skater who competed in ice dance
*Lovick Pierce, Pastor, Chaplain in the War of 1812, and father of Methodist Bishop George Foster Pierce
*Marvin Pierce (1893–1969), president of McCall Corporation, publisher of popular women's magazines "Redbook" and "McCall's"
*Mary Pierce (born 1975), French tennis player
*Quin Pierce (born 1991), American Novelist of an acclaimed sci fi series
*Paul Pierce (born 1977), American Basketball Player
*Ray V. Pierce (Ray Vaughn Pierce) (1840–1914), U.S. Representative from New York State
*Ricky Pierce (Ricky Charles Pierce) (born 1959), retired American National Basketball Association player
*Samuel Pierce Samuel Riley Pierce, Jr. (1922–2000) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1981–1989
*Tamora Pierce (born 1954), American fantasy author
*Tedd Pierce (Edward Stacey "Tedd" Pierce III) (1906–1972), American animated cartoon writer, animator and artist
*Tim Pierce Los Angeles-based session guitarist
*The Pierces:Allison and Catherine, American alternative band
*Walter M. Pierce (Walter Marcus Pierce) (1861–1954) American politician, Democrat, 17th Governor of Oregon and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives
*Webb Pierce (1921–1991), American country music singer
*Wendell Pierce (born 1962), American actor
*William Pierce (politician) (1740–1789), Continental Congressman from Georgia
*William G. Pierce (born 1952), American engineer and politician
*William Luther Pierce (1933–2002), American physicist, Nazi political activist and White supremacist
*William S. Pierce (born 1937), professor of surgery, key figure in the development of the Heart-lung machine and various medical devices related to organ transplant and cardiovascular health

;Fictional characters
* Hawkeye Pierce, a central character on the former American book, film and television franchise "M*A*S*H"
* Aaron Pierce, a longtime supporting character on the TV show "24"

ee also

*Jan Peerce (1904–1984), American operatic tenor born in New York City

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