Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein

Madeleine Joan Blaustein (commonly credited as Maddie Blaustein, formerly credited as Addie Blaustein and Adam Blaustein, born October 9, 1960) is a transgender voice actress born in Long Island, New York, United States.

As of 2006, Blaustein is currently the voice of Sartorius in "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX". She was also most known as the voices of Meowth in "Pokémon" (Episodes 29-Season 8) and Solomon Muto (Sugoroku Mutou) from "Yu-Gi-Oh!" second series anime. She was also Chef Kawasaki from ', Dr. Kureha in "One Piece" and Arngrim, Lawfer and Lezard in '. She is also a comic book writer and artist, having worked for both Marvel Comics [cite web | title = Tranny Roadshow | url = | accessdate = 2006-11-07] and Milestone Comics, and is an animation director as well. Video game localization coordinator and translator Jeremy Blaustein is her brother. Most recently, she served as Creative Director for the recently cancelled Weekly World News.

She is the voice of Margarete in the English language version of the PlayStation 2 game "Shadow Hearts".

Most notable is her great variety of voices. In Valkyrie Profile for example, she was able to perform a very "tough", deep masculine voice (Arngrim), as well as a high-class one (Lawfer) and a suitable and somewhat androgynous voice of a mad scientist/sorcerer (Lezard Valeth). In Shadow Hearts, Margarete is voiced in a deep, feminine, and seductive style.

She has also appeared as Sméagol on the Mike Malloy Show, announcing a presidential bid. []

Voice roles

* "Cubix" - Dr. K
* "Cutey Honey" (live action movie) - Sister Jill
* "" -Garina/Senora Siniestra
* "" - Dr. Clash
* "Fighting Foodons" - Burnt Meatballs, Oslo
* "" - Overkill, Additional Voices
* "" - Chef Kawasaki, Tuggle,Mehlman, Waddle-Doo, Biblio, Additional Voices
* "One Piece" - Dr. Kureha
* "Pokémon" - Meowth (after Nathan Price), Corphish, Torkoal and Farfetch'd (Seasons 1-8), Lieutenant Surge, Additional Voices
** "Pokémon Chronicles" - Meowth
* "Slayers" - Jillas
* "Samurai Deeper Kyo" - Migeira
* "Gokusen" - Tetsu Asakura
* "Sonic X" - Additional Voices
* "" - Wally Tusket, Mrs. Tusket, Dorothy Tusket, Comrade Turbinski, Lord Flash/Warsman
* "Valkyrie Profile" - Arngrim, Barbarossa, Gabriel Celeste, Lawfer, Lezard Valeth
* "Yu-Gi-Oh!" - Solomon Muto, Shimon Muran
* "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" - Sartorius, Additional Voices
* "Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters" - Solomon Muto
* "Sonic Riders" - E-10000R, E-10000G, Babylon Guardian
* "Dinosaur King" - Helga, Dr. Drake
* "Viva Piñata" - Corinna

Comic Book Writing Credits

*"Deathwish" - Milestone Comics, 4-issue miniseries with Yves Fezzani
*"Hardware" - Milestone comics ongoing, 'The Hunt for Deathwish' with Yves Fezzani
*"Static" - Milestone Comics ongoing, with Yves Fezzani


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