Leather skirt

A leather skirt is a skirt made of leather. They appear in a variety of lengths and styles. It is a durable garment and is renowned for the stylishness.

A short leather skirt is sometimes regarded as sexy and perhaps more suited to a night out than to office wear. A long leather skirt can look professional and chic without looking too sexy for the office.

Leather skirts tend to go in and out of fashion. During the 80s and 90s they were a popular item on the catwalks but the early 2000s have seen them go out of fashion.

They are always popular in goth and BDSM. Like other skirts in western civilization they are almost exclusively worn by women, but there are movements, such as MIS that fight for making them acceptable for everyday wear by men.

tyles of leatherskirt

* Leather mini skirt
* Knee length leather skirt
* Long leather skirt
* Leather wrap skirt
* Leather hobble skirt
* Leather jean skirt
* Leather kilt

ee also

* Leather
* Leather fetishism
* Gothic fashion

List of people known to wear leather skirts

* Christina Applegate
* Victoria Beckham
* Pat Benatar
* Kiran Chetry
* Katherine Heigl
* Dolly Parton
* Denise Richards
* Diane Sawyer
* Carol Vorderman

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