Lantern (disambiguation)

A lantern is a portable lighting device used to illuminate broad areas.

Lantern may also refer to:
* "Lantern" (album), an album by the band Clogs
*"The Lantern", a student-run newspaper at The Ohio State University
* A cupola, a structure on top of a roof or dome with openings to admit light or air
* A stage lighting instrument used in theatre and television
* A large window above a stage, used before stage lighting to illuminate the action

ee also

* Cage gear, also called a lantern gear or lantern pinion. A type of gear with cylindrical rods for teeth
* Green Lantern, a fictional DC Comics superhero
* Lanterns of the Dead, an architectural name for the small towers in stone found chiefly in the center and west of France
* The Lanterns, small Tasmanian islands, Australia

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