List of Pokémon (401-420)

At the core of the multi-billion dollar is the evolved form of female Burmy. Wormadam is a unique Pokémon due to its multiple forms, which have different colors and different stats, as well as different secondary types. Wormadam's form is dependent upon the form of the Burmy from which it evolved, as the materials on it become part of Wormadam's body. If a Burmy evolves while battling inside a forest or in a grassy area it will evolve into the grass type Wormadam. If a Burmy evolves while battling inside a cave or on a mountainous region it will evolve into the ground type Wormadam. If a Burmy evolves while battling inside a building it will evolve into the steel type Wormadam.


is a cherry Pokémon that uses a small berry on its head to store nutrients for its evolution and sunlight to keep it red. Once the berry is completely drained, it shrivels to show the upcoming evolution.


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