List of people from Manchester

This is a list of people from Manchester, a city in North West England. The demonym of Manchester is Mancunian. This list is arranged alphabetically by surname:

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  • Judy Finnigan - Television presenter and columnist. She has usually co-presented with her husband, Richard Madeley, and the two are collectively known, informally, as Richard and Judy.[22]



  • Howard Jacobson - a Man Booker Prize-winning British Jewish author and journalist. He is best known for writing comic novels that often revolve around the dilemmas of British Jewish characters.[26]


  • Brian Kidd - An English football coach, (currently assistant manager at Manchester City) and former player. He was assistant manager to Alex Ferguson at Manchester United in the 1990s was a member of the Manchester United team that won the European Cup in 1968. Born in Collyhurst. [27]
  • Burt Kwouk - English actor of Chinese descent, famous for his role as Kato in The Pink Panther[28]








  • Peter Saville - Manchester-born artist and designer, best known for his work with Factory Records.[48]
  • Nobby Stiles MBE - Collyhurst - An English former football midfielder. Stiles, Bobby Charlton and Ian Callaghan are the only Englishmen to have won both World and European Cups.[49]
  • Bernard Sumner - An English singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player and producer, best known as a founding member of two bands, Joy Division and New Order[35]


  • John Thaw - actor best known for his roles in The Sweeney, Inspector Morse and Kavanagh QC.[50] Born in Gorton, raised in Burnage.
  • J. J. Thomson - a physicist and Nobel laureate, credited with the discovery of the electron and of isotopes, and the invention of the mass spectrometer. He was awarded the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the electron and his work on the conduction of electricity in gases.[51]


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