United States House of Representatives House Resolution 121

United States House of Representatives House Resolution 121 (H.Res. 121) is a resolution about comfort women which Japanese-American Congressman Mike Honda of California's 15th congressional district introduced to the American House of Representatives in 2007. It asks that the Japanese government apologize to former comfort women and include curriculum about them in Japanese schools.

This resolution was passed on July 30, 2007.


Washington Post advertisement

Prior to this resolution, a Japanese group ran "THE FACTS" ad for suspecting grounds of this resolution on Washington Post, June 14, 2007.

This ad was advertised by the Committee for Historical Facts, and assented by Japanese bipartisan Diet members, academics, commentators, and journalists.

Committee for Historical Facts


Diet members



  • Hayaru Fukuda
  • Kohichi Endoh
  • Masahiro Miyazaki
  • Shudo Higashinakano
  • Kazuhiro Araki
  • Youichi Shimada
  • Tsutomu Nishioka
  • Nobukatsu Fujioka


  • Hideaki Kase
  • Kanji Nishio
  • Kouichirou Tomioka
  • Hisahiko Okazaki


  • Shigeharu Aoyama
  • Hiromichi Moteki

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