Giovanni Marradi (musician)

Giovanni Marradi is a modern Pianist, composer and arranger. He was born the son of the famed Italian trumpeter and conductor Alfredo Marradi; his great-grandfather, also named Giovanni Marradi, was a legendary poet and composer as well. Giovanni began playing piano at age five, and three years later was sent to study composition and technique with Michael Cheskinov at the Russian Conservatory in Beirut, Lebanon; in the years to follow, he emerged as a remarkably prolific composer, often writing as many as ten new songs each week. Forming his own label, NewCastle Records, he also hosted his own weekly television series, "Giovanni's World of Music". His frequent appearances on cable's QVC Network offered a major boost to his international visibility as well, and in one 12-minute stretch alone he sold over 120,000 albums. In 1998 Giovanni signed to Atlantic Records, making his label debut with "Destiny" early the following year. "Classic Nights" with Giovanni television series was released in the summer of 1999, trailed later that same year by "The Magic of Christmas" DVD. To date, Giovanni has sold millions of cds around the world and currently has over 30 cds available directly through his website. Giovanni is also currently selling the "Giovanni Roll Out Keyboard" designed for the beginner and experienced player alike, with a patented "Gini Method" overlay for the keyboard and it is being marketed to over fifteen countries through a half hour infomercial on TV throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. He is currently composing, recording and performing and lives in Southern California.

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