Forward operating base

Forward Operating Base Logar, Afghanistan.

A forward operating base (FOB) is any secured forward military position, commonly a military base, that is used to support tactical operations. A FOB may or may not contain an airfield, hospital, or other facilities. The base may be used for an extended period of time. FOBs are traditionally supported by main operating bases that are required to provide backup support to them. A FOB also improves reaction time and increases time on task to forces operating from it.


Elements of a FOB

In its most basic form, a FOB consists of a ring of barbed wire around a position with a fortified entry control point, or ECP. More advanced FOBs would include an assembly of earthen dams, concrete barriers, gates, watchtowers, bunkers and other force protection infrastructure. They are often built from Hesco bastions.

FOBs in Iraq

  • FOB Abu Ghraib
  • FOB Bernstein, Named for 1/st LT David A. Bernstein.[1]
  • FOB Al Asad
  • FOB Caldwell, an American compound within Kirkush Military Training Base east of Balad Ruz.
  • FOB Carpenter
  • FOB Courage, the Saddam Hussein palace complex in Mosul returned to the Iraqi government by the 101st Airborne Division in 2006.
  • FOB Dagger
    Forward Operating Base Dagger, Tikrit, Iraq.
  • FOB Danger, formerly FOB Ironhorse. Former Saddam Hussein palace complex in Tikrit. Last occupied by the 42nd Infantry Division, and returned to the Iraqi government by the 101st Airborne Division in 2005.
  • FOB Delta
  • FOB Dibbis
  • FOB Falcon
  • Camp Fallujah
  • FOB Garryowen (often incorrectly called "FOB Garry Owen")
  • FOB Grizzly
  • FOB Hammer, formerly Shakoosh
  • FOB Hit
  • FOB Independence
  • FOB Iskandariyah (formerly FOB Chosin)
  • FOB Justice
  • FOB Kalsu
  • FOB Loyalty
  • FOB Marez, colocated at the Mosul airport Logistics Support Area Diamondback.
  • FOB MacKenzie, in Samarra, Formerly FOB Pacesetter / Camp Pacesetter, named for Ranald S. Mackenzie.[2]
  • FOB McHenry, located near Al Hawijah
  • FOB Nimur, in Sinjar[3]
  • FOB Normandy.[4] Located near Muqdadiyah.
  • FOB Q-West (or Qayyarah Airfield West), formerly known as Camp Endurance, now designated as a Contingency Operating Base (COB).
  • FOB Reaper, south side of Fallujah
  • FOB Rustamiayah
  • FOB Saint Michael
  • FOB Shield
  • FOB Speicher - Speicher has been designated a Contingency Operating Base (COB) now. Located outside Tikrit at an air base that formerly served as the Iraqi Air Force academy.
  • FOB Sykes - Tal Afar
  • FOB Summerall, located near Bayji
  • Camp Taji
  • FOB TQ Al Taqaddum Airbase
  • FOB Yusufiyah
  • FOB War Eagle
  • FOB Warhorse, located near Baquoba in Diyala Province
  • FOB Warrior, located at the air base at Kirkuk
  • FOB Prosperity - Green Zone
  • FOB Pasab (Formerly Wilson), located near Ad Dwar
  • FOB Cobra, located near Jalula, Diyala Province
  • FOB Trotter - Ramadi, named after SGT Trotter who was killed in the city in 2004.
  • FOB COP - Ramadi, there was an original COP (combat outpost), that name became confused by the term FOB and soon more "COP"s appeared throughout Iraq. Turned over to Iraqi Army in 2008.
  • FOB Corregidor - Ramadi, named after the battle at Corregidor in 1945 from the unit that opened the FOB, 503rd Infantry Regiment. The FOB was opened from 2004 to 2008.

FOBs in Afghanistan

  • FOB Airborne in Wardak province
  • FOB Altimur in Logar province
  • FOB Anaconda, near Khas Oruzgan
  • FOB Armadillo, British and Danish (FOB Budwan[5] is its new name, as of 2010)
  • Forward Operating Base Bakwah
  • Forward Operating Base Bala Murghab
  • Forward Operating Base Blessing
  • Forward Operating Base Boris
  • Forward Operating Base Bostick
  • FOB Chapman, Khost Province
  • Camp Clark, Khost Province
  • FOB Cobra, near Char Chiehna
  • FOB Connolly, Khogyani District, Nangarhar Province
  • COP Curry Paktika Province
  • FOB Delaram, United States Marines Corps (USMC)
  • FOB Delhi, USMC
  • Camp Dwyer, Helmand Province, USMC
  • FOB Edinburgh, British
  • FOB Fenty, near Jalalabad
  • Fiddler's Green, USMC
  • FOB Frontenac in Kandahar, built by Canadians
  • Forward Operating Base Gardez
  • FOB Geronimo, USMC
  • FOB Ghazni, Polish Task Force
  • FOB Ghowrmach, Faryab Province, Norwegian and US
  • FOB Gibraltar, now closed
  • Combat Outpost Herrera
  • FOB Hunter
  • FOB Hutal, Canadian
  • FOB Inkerman, British
  • FOB Jackson, British. Named for Pte Damien Jackson, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
  • PB Jaker, USMC
  • FOB Joyce, Konar Province
  • Forward Operating Base Kalagush
  • Combat Outpost Keating
  • FOB Keenan, British and Danish
  • FOB Kushamond Paktika Province
  • Forward Operating Base Lane
  • FOB Lightning Paktia Province
  • FOB Lindsey Kandahar Province
  • FOB Logar[6]
  • FOB Ma'sum Ghar, Canadian
  • Combat Outpost Margah
  • FOB Mehtar Lam
  • FOB Mizan
  • Forward Operating Base Naray
  • Camp Nathan Smith
  • FOB Nolay, British
  • Forward Operating Base Orgun-E
  • FOB Price, Danish and British (USMC platoon attached there in 2008 2/7 Echo Co)
  • Forward Operating Base Puza-i-Eshan
  • Forward Operating Base Ramrod, Kandahar Province, U.S. Army
  • FOB Rhino
  • FOB Ripley, near Tarin Kowt also called FOB Davis or Kamp Holland
  • FOB Robinson, British
  • FOB Rushmore, Paktia Province
  • FOB Salerno[7]
  • FOB Sandford, Danish
  • FOB Sharana, near Pakistan border
  • FOB Sperwan Ghar, Canadian
  • FOB Spin Boldak, Canadian
  • FOB Shank
  • Camp Stone
  • Forward Operating Base Thunder
  • FOB Tillman
  • FOB Todd, Murghab District, Badghis Province, Afghanistan
  • FOB Tombstone, Lashkar Gar area. Near Camp Leatherneck, formerly FOB Tombstone II, and British Camp Bastion
  • FOB Tora, France
  • FOB Tycz
  • FOB Warrior, Polish Battlegroup B
  • FOB Waza Khwa Paktika Province
  • FOB Wilson, Canadian
  • FOB Wishtan, British, (Was Former USMC 2008, 2/7 Echo CO)
  • FOB Wolf
  • FOB Wolverine, Karezgay, Zabul Province[8]
  • FOB Zeebrugge, British
  • FOB Zormot

FOBs in the United States

  • FOB Border Wolf, Deming, New Mexico [9]
  • FOB Cannon, Yuma, Arizona[10][11][12]
  • CBP FOB Desert Grip, Arizona[13] (Also known as Camp Grip and Desert Camp Grip.) Located approximately 75 miles southeast of Yuma, Arizona in the US Border Patrol's Yuma Sector.[14]
  • Donna Anna Base Camp/FOB, New Mexico, used for training purposes
  • Lordsburg/FOB, New Mexico[15]
  • Tucson/FOB, Arizona[16]
  • FOB Sentinel, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas[17]
  • Sea-Based X-Band Radar FOB, Adak, Alaska[18]
  • FOB Mailfoot, Fort Benning, Georgia

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