Russian War Relief

Russian War Relief (also known as the Russian War Relief Fund) was an alleged Communist front group, circa 1944. [List of Comintern Affiliate Organizations] According to a 1943 FBI report, the group was “infiltrated with known Communists, Communist leaders, fellow travelers, and front organizations.” [ [ FBI file: Institute of Pacific Relations, Vol. 1] , p. 3 (PDF page 7)] The chairman of Russian War Relief was Edward C. Carter, chairman of the National Committee for Medical Aid to the Soviet Union [ [ Ibid.] , PDF page 32] , a member of the Executive Committee of the American Russian Institute [ [ Ibid.] ] and secretary general of the Institute of Pacific Relations [ [ Ibid.] , p. 7 (PDF page 3)] . From 1942 the fund was headed by Allen Wardwell.


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