Actions and Indications

Infobox Album
Name = Actions and Indications
Type = Album
Artist = Seaweed

Released = 1998
Genre = Punk Rock, Grunge
Length = 34:06
Label = Merge Records
Reviews = Pitchfork Media (9.1/10) [ link]
Last album = "Spanaway" (1995)
This album = "Actions and Indications" (1998)
Next album = --

"Actions and Indications" is the final album by Seaweed. It was released in 1998 on Merge Records.

Track listing

#"Antilyrical" - 2:42
#"Thru the Window" - 3:05
#"Hard Times" - 3:38
#"Steadfast Shrine" - 1:56
#"Red Tape Parade" - 2:19
#"What Are We Taking?" - 3:51
#"Warsaw" - 2:08
#"Against the Sky" - 4:03
#"In the Middle" - 3:10
#"Let Go" - 3:08
#"Stay Down" - 4:02

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