Choapa River

Choapa River
Choapa River
Mouth Pacific Ocean
Basin countries Chile
Length 160 km
Source elevation 1,000 m [1]
Basin area 8,124 km² [1]

Choapa River or El Río Choapa is a river of Chile located in the Coquimbo Region. The river rises in the Andes, at the confluence of the streams Totoral, Leiva and Del Valle. The river then flows through the town of Salamanca before it meets with its main tributary, the Illapel River. The Choapa then empties into the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Huentelauquén Cove, about 35 km north of Los Vilos.[1]

The major settlement along the river is Salamanca.


Coordinates: 31°37′40″S 71°33′30″W / 31.62778°S 71.55833°W / -31.62778; -71.55833

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