Logos School

Logos School is a Christian private school, and a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. It is located in Moscow, Idaho.

History of Logos School

Logos School opened its doors in September 1981. It represented the concerted efforts and convictions of primarily three individuals: Douglas Wilson, Shirley Quis] , and Larry Lucas. Their goal was to provide high-quality Christian education for children. These three people were Logos School's first and founding board of directors. Tom Garfield was hired in January, 1981, to be Logos School’s first administrator.

Logos (which means "word" in Greek) began with eighteen students in rented facilities at the Paradise Hills Church of God. Primarily through word-of-mouth the school grew quickly. Parents still say they are most pleased with the dedicated, loving staff members, the smaller class sizes, and the consistently high level of academic and biblical encouragement their children receive. As the school expanded in size and scope, much thought was given to curricular improvement. This in turn led to examining many publishers’ materials. Due to our classical emphasis, few of the existing publishers had appropriate items for our curriculum needs. Therefore the Logos teachers and administrators began writing their own, custom-made materials to use in the classrooms.

We had our first graduate in 1985 and have graduated hundreds of students since then. These young people have been accepted at dozens of colleges around the nation, including Hillsdale College, Dartmouth, Harvard, Wheaton, University of Idaho, University of Pennsylvania, New St. Andrews College, Washington State, and many more. Our students consistently score in the top 20% or higher of nationally recognized standardized tests. The rest of this web site will give you an idea of the scope and activities families enjoy at Logos School.

The school moved to 110 Baker, a former roller rink, after extensive prayer, fund-raising, and remodeling, in November 1987. Subsequent improvements have included a well-equipped library, two portable classroom units, adjoining property, and in February 1999, the completion of a multi-use, 13,000 square foot gymnasium.

In 1991, Doug Wilson, a founding board member and teacher in the school, wrote a book entitled Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. The book recalled how, over its ten year history at that time, Logos School had attempted to follow the classical, Trivium model, as described by Dorothy Sayers in her 1940's article, The Lost Tools of Learning, published in the National Review. Doug’s book, published on a nation-wide scale, produced so much interest in the classical approach that Logos helped form the Association of Classical, Christian Schools (ACCS). This organization continues to offer annual national conferences and practical assistance to forming and growing classical, Christian schools. Logos is a charter member of ACCS and was accredited by the association in 1994. Logos School sells many of its administrative and curriculum materials to sister schools and other people around the United States, as well as having its staff train other teachers and administrators in summer training and other conferences.

Logos School is governed primarily by the Word of God, as understood and applied by the school’s Board of Directors and administration. The School Board of Directors is comprised of eight individuals: five permanent members, and three elected, 3-year term members. The board operates under the school’s adopted by-laws, vision and goals statements, and provides policies to the superintendent for implementation in the school.

What is meant by Classical?

In the 1940s the British author, Dorothy Sayers, wrote an essay titled The Lost Tools of Learning. In it she not only calls for a return to the application of the seven liberal arts of ancient education, the first three being the “Trivium” - grammar, logic, rhetoric, she also combines three stages of children’s development to the Trivium. Specifically, she matches what she calls the “Poll-parrot” stage with grammar, “Pert” with logic, and “Poetic” with rhetoric. At Logos, the founding board members were intrigued with this idea of applying a classical education in a Christian context. Doug Wilson, a founding board member explained the classical method further in his book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. Logos School has been committed to implementing this form of education since the school’s inception.

Logos School's Vision Statement

We aim to graduate young men and women who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of the Scriptures; and who do so with eagerness in joyful submission to God. We desire them to recognize cultural influences as distinct from biblical, and to be unswayed towards evil by the former. We aim to find them well-prepared in all situations, possessing both information and the knowledge of how to use it. We desire they be socially graceful and spiritually gracious; equipped with and understanding the tools of learning; desiring to grow in understanding, yet fully realizing the limitations and foolishness of the wisdom of this world. We desire they have a heart for the lost and the courage to seek to dissuade those who are stumbling towards destruction; that they distinguish real religion from religion in form only; and that they possess the former, knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. And all these we desire them to possess with humility and gratitude to God.

We likewise aim to cultivate these same qualities in our staff and to see them well paid so that they may make a career at Logos. We desire them to be professional and diligent in their work, gifted in teaching, loving their students and their subjects. We desire they clearly understand classical education, how it works in their classroom and how their work fits into the whole; that they possess a lifelong hunger to learn and grow; and that they have opportunity to be refreshed and renewed. We desire to see them coach and nurture new staff and to serve as academic mentors to students. We look to see them mature in Christ, growing in the knowledge of God, their own children walking with the Lord.

We aim to cultivate in our parents a sense of responsibility for the school; to see them well informed about the goals of our classical and Christ-centered approach. We desire them to grow with the school, involved in and excited about the journey. We aim to help them to follow biblical principles in addressing concerns, to be inclined to hearing both sides of a story before rendering a verdict, and to embrace the Scripture's injunctions to encourage and stir up one another to love and good works.

Finally, in our relationship with our community, we aim to be above reproach in our business dealings and supportive of the local business community. We further seek to exemplify the unity of the body of Christ, to develop greater fellowship and understanding with the churches, and to bring honor to our Lord in all our endeavors.

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