Language-based system

In a language-based system, the operating system has both the kernel and applications implemented using a high level programming language, such as Java. [cite web
title=JX - A flexible Java Operating System (poster)
author=Michael Golm, Meik Felser, Christian Wawerish, Jürgen Kleinöder
publisher=University of Erlangen|accessdate=2007-04-21


In a language-based protection system, the kernel will only allow code to execute that has been produced by a trusted language compiler. The language may then be designed such that it is impossible for the programmer to instruct it to do something that will violate a security requirement. [ A Language-Based Approach to Security] , Schneider F., Morrissett G. (Cornell University) and Harper R. (Carnegie Mellon University). Informatics: 10 Years Back, 10 Years Ahead. (2000)]


*JX (operating system)
*Singularity (operating system)
*Inferno (operating system)


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