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The SAE Institute (SAE in short, formerly also known as the "School of Audio Engineering" and the "SAE Technology College") is a private college founded in 1976 by Sound Engineer and Record Producer and businessman Tom Misner. The first school was opened 1977 in Sydney, (Australia). SAE Institute offers courses in Audio engineering, 3D Animation, Multimedia and Digital Filmmaking. It is the largest college worldwide in these fields, and currently has campuses / facilities in 46 cities in 21 countries. Since 1998 SAE is additionally offering full university degrees through its global partnership with Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom, and in Australia already since 1996 through its co-operation with Southern Cross University.


* 1976 SAE was established by Tom Misner by converting a small advertising studio into the first practical classroom.
* 1977 The first 9 month course commences in February, in Sydney Australia with a Sony 4-track tape recorder and a custom made 12 channel mixing console.
* 1978 SAE Melbourne is established with a small 8 track studio and some editing tape machines.
* 1980 SAE Brisbane is established and SAE's first commercial studio Central Recorder is opened in Sydney.
* 1981 SAE Sydney commences with the acceptance of overseas students and gains the first form of government recognition - a public service grading.
* 1982 SAE Adelaide commences operation early in the year. SAE Perth is established in August.
* 1984 SAE Coffs Harbour (Australia) is set up for one year only to conduct a course on behalf of the local television and radio stations, but the college stays open for a further year.
* 1985 Resulting from a business trip to London, Tom Misner establishs SAE London, the first overseas college. Operation commences in March.
* 1986 SAE Munich, the first foreign language SAE school, opens in Germany. SAE Frankfurt commences late in the year.
* 1987 SAE Vienna the first college in Austria is opened in February. The first custom-designed program is conducted by SAE Germany for radio station 'Radio Free Europe'.
* 1988 SAE Berlin the third German college is opened late in the year with special assistance from the German government. A new course 'Live Sound Engineering' is offered by SAE.
* 1989 SAE introduces the 6 months part-time 'Studio Sound Certificate' course.
* 1990 SAE Auckland is established and is granted full government approval (New Zealand Qualifications Authority). SAE introduces the 'DJ and Sampling' course in London. SAE Glasgow commences operation late in the year.
* 1991 SAE Amsterdam, the new European operational head office is opened. One of the largest orders of Neve audio mixing consoles ever placed (11 VR series consoles). SAE Singapore commences in September as the first audio college in Asia.
* 1992 The audio engineering programme is extended to 15 months part-time in all SAE colleges. SAE Kuala Lumpur opens in October.
* 1993 SAE Paris opens. Partial government approval and funding for students is given to SAE by the Government of France. SAE Hamburg opens and commences operation as the first SAE college to teach extensive digital practice. The studios are based upon the Soundtracs Jade console, Sony APR multitrack and Pro Tools III.
* 1994 SAE Kuala Lumpur gains government approval (Ministry of Education). The first SAE Book (Practical Studio Techniques by Tom Misner) is published. SAE forms an official link with the Australian Southern Cross University to offer a joint degree program (BA Music Production). The School of Audio Engineering changes its name to SAE Technology College. Tom Misner opens the only new large commercial recording studio in Australia to be built in the 90's, Mirage Studios.
* 1995 The first SAE-ProSchool is established in London teaching the Digidesign ProTools system. SAE Stockholm (Sweden) commences. SAE Zürich has now been established in the Technopark industrial complex. SAE Hobart, the 6th college in Australia, opens. SAE Cologne, the fifth German College, opens later in that year and offers both the audio and multimedia programmes. SAE Singapore receives government approval and is able to accept overseas students.
* 1996 The multimedia program is expanded to Zürich and Singapore. The first full university degree programme is launched by SAE Sydney with the co-operation of the Southern Cross University. SAE Frankfurt now offers the first live sound program in Germany. SAE Milano opens in Italy.
* 1997 Expansion of several SAE campuses. SAE forms the SAE Entertainment Company for professional production of CD ROM, CD extra, CD audio and internet homepages.
* 1998 SAE New York City is licensed. SAE Athens, Greece opens late in the year. SAE enters into a collaborative arrangement with Middlesex University, England and the first BA (Hons) degree programmes are run at the London, Munich and Sydney campuses.
* 1999 SAE Nashville starts operation. SAE purchases recording facility Studio 301 in Australia. SAE Munich starts the Digital Film Programme in November 1999, with Cologne, Hamburg and Vienna to follow in spring.
* 2000 SAE Munich starts Digital Film Arts Degree. SAE Hamburg starts the Digital Film Program. Four franchise schools are established in India. SAE Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, and Berlin are expanded.
* 2001 sees the opening of SAE Miami, Liverpool and Madrid. Tom Misner purchases the largest recording studio in Germany, which is now part of the Studios 301 Group.
* 2002 SAE Adelaide and SAE Perth turn 20. The new Digital Film Making Program is starting in Australia and Europe. SAE Thiruvananthapuram, India, commences operation. SAE Berlin and SAE Athens are approved as Degree Centres by Middlesex University, England. SAE Bangkok starts operation.
* 2003 The SAE Alumni Association is founded. SAE Brussels, Belgium, SAE SAE Institute Bangkok and SAE Yangon, Myanmar, are opened. SAE Berlin is offering the first Bachelor courses. The new headquarters in Byron Bay, Australia opens.
* 2004 SAE Munich, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Stuttgart and Hamburg all move to new, bigger and improved premises. SAE Leipzig opens. SAE Barcelona opens. SAE acquires QANTM, Australia's leading production, new media and training company.
* 2005 Tom Misner takes over console maker AMS Neve. SAE Dubai, first college in the Middle East, opens. SAE Los Angeles, fourth college in the US, opens. First SAE Alumni worldwide conference is held in Frankfurt.
* 2006 SAE opens its second Middle East campus in Kuwait.
* 2007 SAE Rotterdam at its 10th anniversary moves to the new premises and SAE opens a new school in Amman, Jordan, SAE Atlanta opens as 5th location in the USA.
* 2008 SAE expands by relocating its head office to Oxford, England with the purchase of what is up to now the largest premises for any SAE Institute. In addition SAE is currently constructing new schools in Cape Town and Istanbul and relocating SAE London to its own 7 floor building.
* 2009 SAE opens its campus in San Francisco, California USA

Notable Lecturers

* Alastair Nicholson (formerly of Ninja Tune)
* Adam Grace

External links

* [http://www.sae.edu/ Official web site]
* The Misner Factor - The Official History of SAE Institute - Website [http://www.doramusic.com/misner.htm Dora Media Productions]

Additional Reading

* Alexander, Robert Charles [http://www.doramusic.com/RCA.htm] "The Misner Factor - The Official History of SAE Institute" Publ SAE Publications (2003) ISBN 0-9545163-0-3

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