Fiddley Foodle Bird

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runtime = 30 minutes
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country = UK
network = BBC1
first_aired = 1991
last_aired = 1991
num_episodes = 13
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imdb_id = 0334847
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"The Fiddley Foodle Bird" was a children's cartoon serial narrated by Bruce Forsyth. Thirteen episodes of the show were made in total, with one story continuing through the episodes. They were made and shown in 1991 on BBC One at 4:15. [ [ Fiddley Foodle Bird Information] ]


The main character of the show was a bird, who's full name was the "Fiddley Foodle Bim Bam Boodle Oo Diddley-Doodle Oodle Bird". The character was voiced by Dennis Waterman. It was originally nothing more than a picture in a book, which was found by a young boy named Algernon, voiced by Clinton Portis. He wished that the bird would come to life, and when the wish came true they set out on an adventure with Algernon's friends, the eternally hungry Saucy McFoodlefist, and his housekeeper, the overly strict Mrs. Grumblebaum. The aim of the mission was to find Algernon's lost parents, two members of the Potty Explorer's club- Carzy and Maudy. They were lost exploring in a seive. However, Algernon's dastardly Uncle Arbathnot was out to ensure that their mission did not succeed, and also to seize a mysterious treasure chest. He was assisted by a muscle-man named Damage, a Frenchman named Flannel, and a pirate named Pierre Head, who, like most pirates, was accompanied by a parrot-a wise-cracking green one. The show featured a guest appearance from Cilla Black, who voiced the President of the Potty Explorer's Club.


#"Foodle Power"
#"Sea Saw"
#"Cock-a-Doodle Crazy"
#"The Yolks on Who?"
#"Catch My Drift"
#"Up the Pole"
#"There's No Business Like Snow Business"
#"What the Dino Saw"
#"Hic Hic Wooray"
#"Goin' Bananas"
#"Planks a Lot"
#"Squids In"
#"Will Ee No Come Back Again?"


The entire series was released on a set of VHS recordings in 2001.

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