Bonny Lake State Park

Bonny Lake State Park is a state park located in Yuma County, Colorado near Idaliacite web |url= |title= |accessdate=2008-09-23 |title=Critter Watch: Top Places to See Colorado's Wildlife |publisher=Colorado Tourism Office |date=2008-04-06 ] . It is the easternmost State Park in Colorado. The park was founded in 1979 by William Bernstein.


*In 2007, the lake had Convert|2200|acre feet|m3|sigfig=2 of water drained to meet obligations of a water compact made between Colorado and Kansas. [cite web |url=,1299,DRMN_15_5550449,00.html |title=Release of reservoir water ordered|accessdate=2008-09-23 |last=Kohler|first=Judith|date=2007-05-23 |publisher=Rocky Mountain News/Associated Press]
*On August 24, 2007 the owners and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources considered shutting down the lake due to water loss and lack of funds. [cite web |url= |title=Water debt may drain Bonny Lake |accessdate=2008-09-23 |last=Myers |first=Charlie |date=2007-05-01 |publisher=Denver Post] The lake was at a dangerously low measure sitting at only 2.7 feet. Guests could not use the lake and it was causing funds and financial problems for the campground.


More than 300 different species of birds have been seen in the park, including rare bald eagles. Mammal species found in the park include beaver, cottontail rabbit, coyote, deer (both mule deer and white-tailed deer), jackrabbit, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, thirteen-lined ground squirrel, and weasel. [cite web |url= |title=Bonny Lake State Park Wildlife |accessdate=2008-09-23 |date=2008-04-08 |publisher=Colorado State Parks]


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