Ampyx (trilobite)

Ampyx (trilobite)

regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Trilobita
subclassis = Librostoma
ordo = Asaphida
genus = Ampyx

"Ampyx" is a genus of Asaphid Ordovician-Silurian trilobites. They are characterized by three extended spines on the head-shield. [ H H Swinnerton - "Outlines of Palaentology", Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd, 1972. ISBN 0 7131 2357 5. ] Species include "Ampyx linleyensis" (Lanvirn-Caradoc series). [ "British Palaeozoic Fossils" - Natural History Museum 4th edition 1975. Plate 8. ISBN 0 565 05624 7.]


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