Rigid needle adapter

Rigid needle adapter

The concept of the Rigid Needle Adapter makes possible a contacting of finest structures on printed and assembled circuit carriers and also direct contacting in fine-pole connectors. For this concept one need every time a raster head and a rigid needle adapter. The spring probes are arranged in a compact grid in the raster head so that up to 280 spring probes/ cm² can be integrated. The rigid needles are moved to the desired contact point by the spring probes in the rigid needle adapter. Contacting pitch down to 150 µm can be tested by the movement of the rigid needles.

The contacting stroke is effected in the needle adapter. Contacting forces of 0.4 N to 1.5 N depending on the spring probe are exerted on the contacting point by the spring excursion of approx. 2.5 mm.

Life cycle of rigid needle adapters

The contacting tip of the rigid needle becomes blunt in time through contacting. The service life thus depends mainly on the material to be contacted. Under optimum conditions up to 500,000 contactings and more can be achieved with the rigid needles.Spring pins manufactured specifically for this application and the compact design mean that service lives of far more than 1 million contact cycles are possible in practice.

Combination of spring probes and rigid needles

The rigid needle adapter is manufactured to costumer requirements. Rigid needle adapters for very fine structures are called also MCA (Micro Contacting Adapter). The feasibility matrix shows which spring pins can be combined with which rigid needles.The concept allows not only the contacting of assembled and bare PCBs but also the direct contacting of high-pole micro-connectors.

Possible constant current (IC) and pulsed current (IP) at 10ms:
*A: IC=0.3A / IP=0.9A
*B: IC=0.6A / IP=1.8A
*C: IC=1.0A / IP=3.0A
*D: IC=2.0A / IP=6.0A
*E: IC=3.0A / IP=9.0A

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:Manufacturer of rigid needle adapter (fine-pitch): [http://www.microcontact.ch/ Microcontact AG] :Manufacturer of rigid needle adapter: [http://www.atx-hardware.de/schraegnadel-adapter/schraegnadel-ada-text.htm/ ATX]

:Manufacturer of spring probes: [http://www.ingun.de/ Ingun] :Manufacturer of spring probes: [http://www.feinmetall.de/ Feinmetall]

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