Joe Biden presidential campaign, 2008

Political positions

Biden is considered to be a moderate liberal, clocking a 77.5 percent liberal voting record in 2006 and lifetime score of 76.8 percent. [cite news
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last = Cillizza
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] Biden is Pro-Choice on abortion rated 100% by NARAL and supports a state's right to have civil unions. [cite web |url = |title = Candidates dance at civil unions: Dems shy of marriage; GOP jumps to right |date=2007-04-21 |accessdate = 2008-02-17 |publisher =Concord Monitor and New Hampshire Patriot] He favors a Balanced Budget Amendment and a rollback of the Bush tax cuts. He supports the PATRIOT Act, the war in Afghanistan and voted in favor of authorization of military force into Iraq. He believes a political solution can be met in Iraq through federalization. Biden would favor American military intervention into Sudan to end the Darfur genocide. He supports Gun control and was given an F by the NRA. He opposes the No Child Left Behind Act although he voted in favor of it in 2002. Biden opposes capital punishment and supports the continuation of the war on drugs. In 2007 he voted in favor of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill and supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Biden opposes oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and believes that the government must take action against global warming. [cite news
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Infobox U.S. federal election campaign, 2008
committee = 2008 Democratic Party Ticket

campaign = U.S. presidential–vice-presidential election, 2008
candidate = Joseph Biden (vice-presidential)
U.S. Senator 1973–present
status = VP nominee
cand_id = P80003338
fec_date = 2008-06-30
affiliation = Democratic Party
headquarters = Chicago, Illinois
key_people = Patti Solis Doyle (Chief of staff)
receipts =
slogan =
homepage = [] |

On May 30, 2008, it was reported by the Washington Times that likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama asked Biden to play a "more prominent" and "deeply involved" role in his campaign, with some speculating that Biden was on Obama's shortlist of vice presidential candidates. [ cite web|url= |publisher=MSNBC |title=VEEPSTAKES: NUNN AND BIDEN IN THE NEWS |first=Mark |last=Murray|date=2008-05-30 |accessdate=2008-05-30] On August 23, 2008 the Obama campaign that Biden would become Barack Obama's running mate.cite web|accessdate=2008-08-23
title=Joe Biden!
quote="Barack has chosen Joe Biden....Breaking news: the text message is out and it's official... Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden to be his running mate!"

Obama–Biden campaign 2008

Following U.S. Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Barack Obama's selection of Biden, the Senator's vice-presidential general election campaign began. [cite news
coauthors = Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny
title = Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate
url =
publisher = New York Times
date = 2008-08-23
accessdate = 2008-08-23


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