Family Day

Family Day

Family Day is the name of a public holiday in South Africa, in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, and (as "Family & Community Day") in the Australian Capital Territory.


Australian Capital Territory

Family & Community Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of November, which coincides with the Melbourne Cup. This public holiday was declared in 2007 under section 3(1)(b) of the Holidays Act 1953 (ACT) and is expected to be declared again in 2008. In his speech to the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, Mr. Andrew Barr, the ACT Minister for Industrial Relations stated the purpose of the new public holiday was:

" enable workers to take a break from their hectic working lives and to spend some quality time with their family and friends. ... Australians do work the longest hours of any country in the western world. We do deserve a break." []


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