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The "J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia", subtitled "Scholarship and Critical Assessment", edited by Michael D.C. Drout, was published by Routledge in 2006 (ISBN 978-0415969420). A team of 127 Tolkien scholars on 720 pages covers topics of Tolkien's fiction, his academic works, his intellectual and spiritual influences, and his biography. Co-editors were Douglas A. Anderson and Verlyn Flieger (both Drout's co-editors also of "Tolkien Studies"), Marjorie Burns and Tom Shippey.


Michael Drout worked on the project from 2003 to 2006. He reports in his blog (http://wormtalk.blogspot.com) that the editing process was less than harmonious, with Francis & Taylor closing the encyclopedia division of Routledge in 2005, cancelling several projects. The Tolkien project avoided this fate, but was affected by the restructuring. Drout states that contributors were not shown the final version of their articles before going to print, and that the illustrations he intended to include were dropped without consulting him. Drout also criticises that no blind entries (cross-references) were included, stating that as a result "what appear to be bizarre decisions were not so originally". [See Drout's blog comments on this subject [http://wormtalk.blogspot.com/2006/11/j.html blog comments on this subject ] , retrieved 26 August 2007]


AB Language;"Adventures of Tom Bombadil";
Aldhelm;Allegory;Alliteration;Alliterative Revival;Alliterative Verse by Tolkien;Alphabets, Invented;America in the 1960s: Reception of Tolkien;"Ancrene Wisse";
Angband;Angels;Animals in Tolkien's Works;
Aquinas, Thomas;
Arkenstone;Arms and Armor;Art and Illustrations by Tolkien;Arthurian Literature;Arthurian Romance;Artistic Movements;Artists' and Illustrators' Influence on Tolkien;
Arwen;Asceticism;Astronomy and Cosmology, Middle-earth;
Auden, W.H.: Influence of Tolkien;
Augustine of Canterbury, Saint, First Archbishop of Canterbury;
Augustine of Hippo;Authorship;
Bakshi, Ralph;
Barfield, Owen;Barrie, J.M.;"Battle of Maldon, The";
Bede;Bennett, Jack Arthur Walter;
Beorn;"Beowulf and the Critics";"Beowulf. The Monsters and the Critics";"Beowulf": Tolkien's Scholarship;"Beowulf": Translations by Tolkien;
Bilbo Baggins;Biology of Middle-earth;Bliss, Alan;
Bodleian Library, Oxford;"Book of Lost Tales I";"Book of Lost Tales II";
Boromir;Bournemouth;Boyens, Philippa;"Brut" by Layamon;
Buchan, John;
Butler, Samuel;
Caedmon;Calendars;Capitalism;Carolingians;Catholicism, Roman;Cave, The;Caves and Mines;Cecil, Lord David;Charms;"Chaucer as Philologist: The Reeve's Tale";Childhood of Tolkien;Children's Literature and Tolkien;Christ;"Christ": "Advent Lyrics";Christian Readings of Tolkien;Christianity;Church of England;Class in Tolkien's Works;Coghill, Nevill Henry Kendal Aylmer;Collecting;Colors;Comedy;Communism;Criticism of Tolkien, Twentieth Century;Cruces in Medieval Literature;
Cynewulf;Dagnall, Susan;Danes: Contributions to English Culture;Danish Language;
Dante;D'Ardenne, S.R.T.O;Darkness;Death;
Denethor;"Denham Tracts, The";Denmark: Reception of Tolkien;
Deor;Descent;Despair (Wanhope);"Devil's Coach-Horses, The";Devils;Doors and Gates;Doubles;Dragons;Dramatizations: Stage and Spoken;Dreams;Druids;Dundas-Grant, Jim;Dutch Language;
Dwarves;Dyson, Hugo;
Earendil;Earth;East, The;Easterlings;Education;Egypt: Relationship to Númenóreans;
Elves;Elves: Kindreds and Migrations;Elves: Reincarnation;Elvish Compositions and Grammars;Enchantment;England, 20th Century;"English and Welsh";
Ents;Environmentalism and Eco-Criticism;Environmentalist Readings of Tolkien;
Éowyn;Epic Poetry;
Eru;Esperanto;"Essays Presented to Charles Williams";
Eucatastrophe;Eucharist;Exile;Existentialism;"Exodus", Edition of;
Fairies;Fairyology, Victorian;Fall of Man;Family Background;Family Trees;Fan Art;Fan Fiction;
Faramir;"Farmer Giles of Ham";Farmer Giles;"Father Christmas Letters";Father Christmas;
Fëanor;Feminist Readings of Tolkien;Fictionality;Film Scripts, Unused;Finland: Literary Sources;Finland: Reception of Tolkien;"Finn and Hengest";Finnish Language;
Finwë and Míriel;Folklore;Food;Fortune and Fate;"Fourteenth-Century Romance, A";Frame Narratives;France and French Culture;France: Reception of Tolkien;Francis Thompson: Article for Exeter College Essay Club;Free Will;French Language;
Garm;Gaze;Geach, E.F.A.: "Romance";Gender in Tolkien's Works;Genesis;German Folktale: Deutsche Mythologie;German, Modern;German Race Laws;Germany;Germany: Reception of Tolkien;Gibbon, Edward: "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire";Gilson, Robert Quilter;
Good and Evil;
Gordon. E.V.;Gordon, Ida;Gothic Language;Goths;Grammar;
Great Haywood;Greece: Reception of Tolkien;Greek Gods;
Green, Roger Lancelyn;
Gregory the Great;
Gríma (Wormtongue);Grove, Jennie;
Guthlac, Saint;Guthlac: Poem;Haigh, Walter E.;Havard, Humphrey;Health and Medicine;Heathenism and Paganism;Heaven;Hell;Heroes and Heroism;Hierarchy;"History of Middle-earth": Overview;History, Anglo-Saxon;"Hobbit, The";
Hobbits;"Holy Maiden Hood" by J. Furnival: Review by Tolkien;
Homecoming of Beorhtnoth;
Homer;Homosexuality;Howard, Robert E. Humor;Hungary: Reception of Tolkien;Huns;"I-Lam na-Ngoldathon: The Grammar and Lexicon of the Gnomish Tongue";Immortality;Incarnation;Industrialization;
Inklings;Ireland;Italian Language;Italy: Reception of Tolkien;" 'iþþlen' in Sawles Warde";
Jackson, Peter;Japan: Reception of Tolkien;Jewels;Jones, Gwyn;Jordanes: "History of the Goths";
Joyce, James;Judaism;"Juliana";Jungian Theory;Justice and Injustice;
Katherine Group;
King Alfred;Kingship;Knowledge;
Koivie-neni and Cuivienen;
Kolbitar;Kor;Langland, William;Language, Theories of;Languages: Early Introduction and Interest;
Languages Invented by Tolkien;Latin Language;Latin Literature;Law;"Lays of Beleriand";Leechbook and Herbarium;Leeds;"Leeds University Verse" 1914-24;
Lembas;"Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien";
Lewis, C.S.;Lewis, Warren Hamilton;Library, Personal;Light;Literary Context, Twentieth Century;Literary Influences, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century;Literature, Twentieth Century: Influence of;Lombardic Language;
Lonely Mountain (Erebor);"Lord of the Rings, The";"Lord of the Rings": Success of;"Lost Road, The";
Lyme Regis;Lyric Poetry;
MacDonald, George;Magic, Middle-earth;
Mandos;Manuscripts by Tolkien;Manuscripts, Medieval;Maps;
Marriage;Marxist Readings of Tolkien;Mathew, Fr. Anthony Gervase;McCallum, Ronald Buchanan;
Men, Middle-earth;Merchandising;Mercy;
Merry;"Middle English 'Losenger': A Sketch of an Etymological and Semantic Inquiry";"Middle English Vocabulary, A ";
Missions from Anglo-Saxon England;
Misty Mountains;
Mithril;Monsters, Middle-earth;
Morgan, Father Francis;
Morgoth and Melkor;"Morgoth's Ring";
Morris, William;Mountains;"Mr. Bliss";"MS Bodley 34: A Re-Collation of a Collation";Music in Middle-earth;'Mythology for England';Mythology, Celtic;Mythology, Germanic;"Mythopoeia";Nature;Nazi Party;Neave, Jane;Netherlands: Reception of Tolkien;"New Glossary of the Dialect of the Huddersfield District, A";"Nomenclature of The Lord of the Rings";Norman Conquest;North Polar Bear;Northern Courage;Norway: Reception of Tolkien;Norwegian Language;Obituary for Henry Bradley;Old English;Old English "Apollonius of Tyre", Edited by Tolkien;Old French Literature;Old High German;Old High German Literature;
Old Man Willow;Old Mercian;Old Norse Language;Old Norse Literature;Old Norse Translations;"On Fairy-Stories";"On Translating Beowulf";
One Ring, The;Oral Tradition;Orality;"Orfeo, Sir";"Owl and Nightingale, The";Oxford;
Palantíri;Paradise;Parodies;"Pearl": Edition by E.V. Gordon;Penance;"Peoples of Middle-earth, The";Phial;Philately;Philo-Semitism;Pilgrimage;
Poems by Tolkien in Other Languages;Poems by Tolkien: "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil";Poems by Tolkien: "The History of Middle-earth";Poems by Tolkien: "The Hobbit";Poems by Tolkien: "The Lord of the Rings";Poems by Tolkien: Uncollected;Poland: Reception of Tolkien;Politics;Popular Music;Possessiveness;Power in Tolkien's Works;Prehistory: "Cavemen";Pride;Prophecy;Prose Style;Pseudonym: Bagpuize, K.;Publications, Posthumous;Publishing History;"Qenyaqetsa: The Quenya Phonology and Lexicon Quest Narrative";Race and Ethnicity in Tolkien's Works;Race in Tolkien Films;Racism, Charges of;Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc.;Ransome, Arthur;Redemption;"Report on the Excavation of the Prehistoric, Roman and Post-Roman Site in Lydney Park, Gloucestershire";Resurrection;"Return of the Shadow";Reynolds, R.W.;Rhetoric;Riddles;Riddles: Sources;Ring-Giving;Rings;Rings of Power;
Rivendell;"Road Goes Ever On, The";
Rohan;Roman History;Romances: Middle English and French;"Roverandom";
Runes;Russia: Reception of Tolkien;Russian Language;Sacrifice;
Saint Brendan;
Saint John;
Saint Oswald;Saints;
Sam;Saracens and Moors;
Satan and Lucifer;
Sauron;"Sauron Defeated";
Saxo Grammaticus;Sayers, Dorothy;Scholars of Medieval Literature, Influence of;"Seafarer, The";"Seafarer": Ida Gordon Edition;"Secret Vice, A";Sexuality in Tolkien's Works;
Shakespeare;"Shaping of Middle-earth, The;
Shire;"Silmarillion, The";
Silmarils;Sin;"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, Sir Orfeo": Edited by Christopher Tolkien;"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight": Edition with E.V. Gordon Smith, Geoffrey Bache;"Smith of Wootton Major";Smith of Wootton Major (Character);"Solomon and Saturn";"Some Contributions to Middle English Lexicography";Song Contests;South, The;Spain: Reception of Tolkien;Spanish Language;
Spenser, Edmund;"Spring Harvest, A": G. Bache Smith, ed. J.R.R. Tolkien;Subject Theory and Semiotics;Suffield Family;Suicide;Sweden: Reception of Tolkien;Swedish Language;Symbolism in Tolkien's Works;
T.C.B.S. (Tea Club and Barrovian Society);Technological Subcultures: Reception of Tolkien;Technology in Middle-earth;Television: U.S. Coverage;
Tertullian;Textual History: Errors and Emendations;Textuality;
Theoden;Theological and Moral Approaches in Tolkien's Works;Theology in The Lord of the Rings;
Thorin;Time;Time Travel;
Tol Eressea;"Tolkien Reader, The";"Tolkien Remembered": Humphrey Carpenter;Tolkien Scholarship: An Overview;Tolkien Scholarship: First Decades: 1954-1980;Tolkien Scholarship: Institutions;Tolkien Scholarship: Since 1980;
Tolkien, Arthur Reuel;Tolkien, Baillie;
Tolkien, Christopher Reuel;Tolkien, Faith;Tolkien, Hilary;Tolkien, John;Tolkien, Mabel;Tolkien, Michael;Tolkien, Priscilla;
Tolkien, Simon;
Tom Bombadil;Tour in the Alps, 1911;Towers;Treason;"Treason of Isengard, The";"Tree and Leaf";
Treebeard;Trees;Trench Fever;
Turin;Turville-Petre, Joan;
Two Trees;Tyranny;;"Unfinished Tales";
Vale of the White Horse;
Valedictory Address;
Valinor;Viking Raids;Violence;
Virgil;Wain, John;"Wanderer, The";War;"War of the Jewels, The";"War of the Ring, The";
Warwick;Weapons, Named;Welsh Language;
Williams, Charles Walter Stansby;Wiseman, Christopher;
Wolvercote Cemetery;Women in Tolkien's Works;World War I;World War II;Wyke-Smith, E.A. and "The Marvelous Land of Snergs";
Ylfe, Alfr, Elves


Contributors are (in alphabetical order):

Nils Ivar Agøy, Telemark University College;Julaire Andelin, Salt Lake City, Utah;
Douglas A. Anderson, Marcellus, Michigan;Don N. Anger, Brock University;Robert G. Anger, The Presbyterian Church in Canada;Roberto Arduini, Rome, Italy;Helen Armstrong, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom;Cecilia Barella, Editor, J. R. R. Tolkien, a Webliography;Jane Beal, Wheaton College;Raffaella Benvenuto, Rome, Italy;Bradley J. Birzer, Hillsdale College;Alexandra Bolintineanu, University of Toronto;David Bratman, San Jose, California;Clair Buck, Norton, Massachusetts;Marcel R. Bülles, University of Cologne;Anthony S. Burdge, Chairman, Heren Istarion, New York's Tolkien Society;Jessica Burke, Co-Chair, Heren Istarion, New York's Tolkien Society;Marjorie Burns, Portland State University;Alice Marie Campbell,Altadena, California;Christine Chism,Rutgers University;Joe R. Christopher,Tarleton State University;Hal Colebatch,Nedlands, Western Australia;Michael Coren,Toronto, Canada;Janet Brennan Croft,University of Oklahoma;Patrick Curry,Bath Spa University;Penelope Davie,Queensland University of Technology;Alex Davis,Independent Scholar;Ivan Derzhanski,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;Merlin DeTardo,Cleveland, Ohio;Michael Devaux,Livarot, France;Matthew Dickerson,Middlebury College;Leslie A. Donovan,University of New Mexico;Sarah Downey,University of Toronto;
Michael Drout,Wheaton College;Kathleen E. Dubs,Pázmány Péter Catholic University;Jo-Anna Dueck,Burlington, Ontario, Canada;Colin Duriez,Cumbria, United Kingdom;Robert Eaglestone,University of London;Dustin Eaton,Grand Rapids, Michigan;Bradford Lee Eden,Las Vegas, Nevada;Jonathan Evans,University of Georgia;Matthew Fensome,Columbus, Ohio;Cath Filmer-Davis,Flosswyr Press;Dimitra Fimi,Cardiff University;Jason Fisher,Dallas, Texas;
Verlyn Flieger,University of Maryland;Thomas Fornet-Ponse,University of Bonn;Mike Foster,Metamora, Illinois;Martin K. Foys,Hood College;Michele T. Fry,Oxford, United Kingdom;Christopher Garbowski,Maria Curie-Sklodowska University;John Garth,London, United Kingdom;David Gay,Indiana University;Gene Hargrove,University of North Texas;Jenniffer G. Hargroves,Conifer, Colorado;Amelia Harper,Nashville, North Carolina;Christina M. Heckman,Augusta State University;Kanerva Heikkinen,University of Helsinki;Katherine Hesser,Harvard College Fund;John R. Holmes,Franciscan University;Thomas Honegger,Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena;Simon Horobin,Glasgow, Scotland;
Carl F. Hostetter,Crofton, Maryland;John Wm Houghton,Canterbury School;Rod Jellema,Washington, D.C.;Rachel B. Kapelle,Brandeis University;Yvette L. Kisor,Ramapo College;Scott Kleinman,California State University, Northridge;Gisela Kreglinger,University of St. Andrews;Barry Langford,University of London;Reno E. Lauro,University of St. Andrews;Andrew Charles Lazo,Rice University;Kristi Lee,Harrisonburg, Virginia;Carol A. Leibiger,University of South Dakota;Miryam Librán Moreno,Caceres, Spain;Jared Lobdell,Eastern University;John F.G. Magoun,Chappaqua, New York;Olga Markova,Russian Academy of Sciences;James I. McNelis, III,Wilmington College;Marcin Morawski,Warsaw, Poland;Gergely Nagy,University of Szeged;Dale J. Nelson,Mayville State University;R. Scott Nokes,Troy University;David D. Oberhelman,Oklahoma State University;Victor L. Parker,University of Canterbury, New Zealand;Joseph Pearce,Ave Maria College;Michael W. Perry,Seattle, Washington;Anne C. Petty,Crawfordville, Florida;Carl Phelpstead,Cardiff University;Joseph Piela,Blakely, Pennsylvania;Kathryn Powell,University of Manchester;Aline Ripley,Mount Saint Vincent University;Brian Rosebury,University of Central Lancashire;Geoffrey Russom,Brown University;Friedhelm Schneidewind,Hemsbach, Germany;Chester N. Scoville,University of Toronto;Gerald Seaman,Lawrence University;Eduardo Segura,Universidad Católica San Antonio;William Senior,Broward Community College;
Tom Shippey,St. Louis University;Alfred K. Siewers,Bucknell University;Anna Skyggebjerg,The Danish University of Education;William Smith,Weatherford College;Arden R. Smith,Albany, California;Anna Smol,Mount Saint Vincent University;L. Lara Sookoo,Toronto, Canada;Lisa L. Spangenberg,University of California, Los Angeles;Michael N. Stanton,University of Vermont;Beregond, Anders Stenstrom,Uppsala, Sweden;Sandra Ballif Straubhaar,University of Texas at Austin;Amy H. Sturgis,Belmont University;L. J. Swain,University of Illinois at Chicago;Jeff Sypeck,University of Maryland;Paul Edmund Thomas,
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips;Daniel Timmons,University of Toronto;Patricia Tubbs,Massena, New York;Allan Turner,University of Greifswald;Christopher Vaccaro,University of Vermont;René van Rossenburg,University of Leiden;John Walsh,Hult Library, Boston College;Christina Ganong Walton,Rocklin, California;Richard C. West,University of Wisconsin;Elizabeth A. Whittingham,SUNY College at Brockport;Shana Worthen,University of Toronto;Hilary Wynne,University of Toronto;Stephen Yandell,Xavier University;Arne Zettersten,University of Copenhagen.


*Kelley M. Wickham-Crowley, "Tolkien Studies" 4 (2007) 266-278 [http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/tolkien_studies/v004/4.1wickham-crowley.html]

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*"The J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide"


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* [http://wormtalk.blogspot.com/2006/11/j.html Drout on the editing process]
* [http://users.bestweb.net/~jfgm/EncyclopediaDiary/EncyclopediaReviews.htm A collection of reviews of the Encyclopedia]

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