List of schools in Northland, New Zealand

Location map+|Northland|width=300|float=right|caption=Localities offering secondary education in Northland|places= Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=7|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=16|position=right|label=Kaitaia|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=16|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=24|position=left|label=Broadwood|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=24|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=48|position=bottom|label=Kaikohe|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=31|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=24|position=left|label=Opononi|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=13|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=56|position=right|label=Kerikeri|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=0|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=28|position=right|label=Taipa|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=23|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=23|position=left|label=Panguru|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=3|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=15|position=left|label=Awanui|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=19|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=47|position=right|label=Okaihau|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=6|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=47|position=right|label=Kaeo|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=23|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=4|position=right|label=Kawakawa|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=43|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=18|position=right|label=Whangarei|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=41|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=19|position=left|label=Kamo|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=44|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=3|position=left|label=Titoki|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=52|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=14|position=left|label=Tauraroa|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=41|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=20|position=top|label=Tikipunga|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=54|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=27|position=right|label=Ruakaka|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=44|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=17|position=bottom|label=Maunu|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=36|lat_min=6|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=22|position=top|label=Maungaturoto|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=36|lat_min=8|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=174|lon_min=1|position=bottom|label=Ruawai|label_size=70 Location map~|Northland|lat_dir=S|lat_deg=35|lat_min=56|lon_dir=E|lon_deg=173|lon_min=53|position=left|label=Dargaville|label_size=70
Northland is the northernmost region of New Zealand. It contains numerous rural primary schools, some small town primary and secondary schools, and a small number of city schools. Area schools in isolated areas provide complete education from primary to secondary level. Intermediate schools exist in Kaitaia, Kaikohe, Dargaville, Whangarei and Kamo.

All schools are coeducational except for Whangarei Boys' and Girls' High Schools in Whangarei. The only private schools are Springbank School in Kerikeri and Otamatea Christian School in Maungaturoto.

Several Kura Kaupapa Māori schools exist in the region, all but one in the Far North District. These schools teach solely or principally in the Māori language. [cite web|url=|title=A Framework for Review and Evaluation in Te Aho Matua Kura Kaupapa Māori|date=February 2008|publisher=Education Review Office|accessdate=2008-06-08] The name "Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o (placename)" can be translated as "The Kaupapa Maori School of (placename)".

In New Zealand schools, students begin formal education in Year 1 at the age of five. [cite web|url=|title=About School: School basics|publisher=New Zealand Ministry of Education|accessdate=2008-06-08] Year 13 is the final year of secondary education. Years 14 and 15 refer to adult education facilities.

State schools are those fully funded by the government and at which no fees can be charged, although a donation is commonly requested. [cite web|url=|title=School Donations & Fees|publisher=New Zealand Ministry of Education|date=23 June 1998|accessdate=2006-06-23] A state integrated school is a state school with a special character based on a religious or philosophical belief. A private school charges fees to its students. [cite web|url=|title=about NZ education|publisher=EduSearch|accessdate=2008-06-08]

The decile indicates the socio-economic group that the school catchment area falls into. A rating of 1 indicates a poor area; a rating of 10 a well-off one. [cite web|url=|title=How The Decile Is Calculated|publisher=New Zealand Ministry of Education|accessdate=2008-06-08] The decile ratings used here come from the Ministry of Education "Te Kete Ipurangi" website and from the decile change spreadsheet listed in the references. The deciles were last revised using information from the 2006 Census. [cite web|url=|title=Reviews of Deciles - General Information|publisher=New Zealand Ministry of Education|accessdate=2008-06-08] The roll of each school changes frequently as students start school for the first time, move between schools, and graduate. The rolls given here are those provided by the Ministry of Education, based on figures from July 2007. [cite web|url=|format=XLS|title=Directory of Schools|date=8 February 2008|publisher=New Zealand Ministry of Education|accessdate=2008-06-08] The Ministry of Education institution number, given in the last column, links to the "Te Kete Ipurangi" page for each school.

Far North

The Far North District includes the towns of Opononi, Kaikohe and Kawakawa, and the areas of Northland Peninsula north of these towns.

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*Closed schools in Northland, New Zealand


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