List of Bryant University people

Bryant University have a large amount of notable faculty, also with 98% of their professors holding the highest degree in their field of study.

"Below professors are listed as; Professor, Degrees, Area of Research/Study & Contributions"

Actuarial Mathematics

James Bishop, BA, MA, PhD

*Associate Professor: Statistics, PensionsKristin Kennedy, BA, MS, PhD

*Professor: Quantitative Methods, Linear Programming and Simulation Robert Muksian, BS, MS, PhD
*Professor: Forecasting Cyclical Financial Events, Pensions, Social Security and the Theory of Interest Alan Olinsky, BS, MS, PhD
*Professor: Statistics, Data Analysis and Computer Applications Chester Piascik, BEd, MS

*Professor: Development of Applications to Enhance the Teaching of Concepts in Mathematics and Statistics Courses for the Business EnvironmentJohn Quinn, ScB, SM, PhD

*Professor: Linear Programming, Non-linear Modeling and Operations Research Martin Rosenzweig, BS, PhD
*Associate Professor: Sampling, Design Research, Medical Statistics and the Use of Groups and Cooperative Learning in Mathematics and Statistics Classes Phyllis Schumacher, BA, MS, PhD
*Chair: Mathematics Department, Professor, Director, Applied Actuarial Mathematics Center: Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Data Analysis, and Gender Issues in Mathematics and Computer Science Richard Smith, BA, MA, PhD
*Professor: Actuarial Exam Preparation, Study Techniques in the Learning of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, and Financial Applications of Mathematics


Laurie Bates, PhD

*Professor: Government Finance, Environmental Economics, Zoning Regulations Joseph Ilacqua, EdD

*Professor: Human Resources and Capital Development, Labor Markets, Education Economics Jongsung Kim, PhD
*Associate Professor: Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics Peter Mini, PhD

*Associate Professor: Keynesian Economics, Economic History Economic Methodology Sam Mirmirani, PhD
*Chair: Economics Department, Professor: Health Care Economics and Finance, Managerial Economics, Economic Development Ramesh Mohan', PhD
*Assistant Professor: Economic Growth, Macroeconomic Issues of Developing Countries, Economics of ICT and Internet, Economics of Education Joseph Shaanan, PhD
*Professor: Industrial Economics and International Trade William Sweeney, PhD
*Professor: Forecasting and Economic Analysis, European and American Economic History, Monetary Economics and Financial Institutions


Ronald Deluga, BA, MS, PhD
*Professor: Positive Psychology & Exercise and Sport PsychologyHeather Lacey, BS, MS, PhD
*Assistant Professor: Cognitive Psychology
Janet Morahan-Martin, BA, MS, PhD
*Professor and Chair: Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Personality, & Counseling Theory and PracticeJoseph Trunzo, PhD
*Assistant Professor: Health PsychologyNanci Weinberger BA, MA, PhD
*Associate Professor: Child & Adolescent Development, Environment & Behavior, Gender in Childhood


James C. Estey, MA

*Associate Professor: Modern European History, Russian History, Third World Studies, and the Histories of China, Japan, and Africa Antoine Joseph, PhD

*Professor: Historical Sociology; Labor History; Race and Ethnicity Judy Barrett Litoff, PhD

*Professor: Modern American Social History; History of American Women Paul Lokken, PhD

*Associate Professor: Latin American History, African Diaspora, Race and Ethnicity David Lux, PhD
*Professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: History of Science; history of technology, industrialization and technology transfer Bradford Martin, PhD
*Assistant Professor, History Coordinator: U.S. Cultural and Political History, American Studies, Recent U.S. History, History of American Popular Culture W. Jay Reedy, PhD
*Professor: History of Early-Modern and Modern Europe, Cultural and Intellectual History and the History of Social Sciences

Global Studies

Rosa Alvarez Perez, BA, MA, PhD candidate
*Coordinator of Foreign Languages John W. Dietrich, PhD
*Assistant Professor, Political Science: Global Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy Cileine de Lourenco, PhD
*Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies: Spanish, Latin American Cultures, Minority Literature James Estey, MAT
*Associate Professor, History: Modern History of Europe, Russia, East Asia, Japan, and Africa William Graves III, PhD
*Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies: Anthropology, Cultural Diversity, Language, Culture and Communication Terri Hasseler, PhD
*Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies: Post-Colonial Literature, British Literature Joseph Ilacqua, EdD
*Professor, Economics: Post-Soviet Economic Transitions, Comparative Economic Systems Martha Kuhlman, PhD
*Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies: Comparative Literature, Modernity and the City, International Literature, Central European Paul Lokken, PhD
*Assistant Professor, History: History of Latin America Kevin Pearce, PhD
*Associate Professor, Communication: Global Communication Alex Perullo, PhD
*Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies: Ethnomusicology, African Studies Marsha Pripstein Posusney, PhD
*Professor, Political Science: Middle East Politics, Third World Development, Comparative Politics, International Political Economy

Literary & Cultural Studies

Thomas Chandler, MFA,

*Associate Professor: Poetry and Fiction, Creative Writing Cileine de Lourenco, PhD
*Associate Professor: Spanish, Latin American Studies, Comparative Literature "'Janet Dean, PhD

*Assistant Professor: American Literature, American Studies, Gender Studies William Graves, PhD

*Associate Professor: Languages, Communication, Global Studies Terri Hasseler, PhD,
*Chair and Professor: Feminist Theory, International Literature Stanley Kozikowski, PhD,
*Professor: Contemporary Literature, Shakespearean Studies, Drama Martha Kuhlman, PhD,
*Assistant Professor: Comparative Literature, European Modernism, Central European Literature Alex Perullo, PhD,
*Assistant Professor: Ethnomusicology, Popular Music Culture, the Music Industry, African Culture Mary Prescott, PhD,
*Professor: Poetry, Comparative Literature Thomas Roach, PhD,
*Assistant Professor: Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Film and Sexuality Studies Elizabeth Ann Walden, PhD,

*Associate Professor: Critical Theory and Comparative Literature


Gregg Lee Carter, PhD
*Professor: Gun Control; conflict management; social movements; sociology of work; quantitative sociology David Ciliberto, PhD
*Lecturer: Population and society; aging; sociology of work Sandra Enos, PhD

*Associate Professor: Organizational sociology; pedagogy of service-learning; non-profits and philanthropy; sociology of children and childhood Michael Fraleigh, PhD,

*Assistant Professor: Service learning; education & employment; social psychology; sociology of the family Judith McDonnell, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Brazilian immigrant women; racial and ethnic identity; racial and ethnic inequality


David Beausejour, CPA, BS, MST, JD,
*Professor: MST Graduate Taxation, Financial Accounting "'Dennis Bline, BS, MBA, PhD,

*Chair: Accounting Department, Associate Professor: Financial Accounting Charles Cullinan, CPA, CMA, CIA, BS, MS, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Auditing, Financial Accounting Robert Farrar, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Cost/Managerial Accounting Michael Filippelli, CPA, BS, MBA, MST,
*Professor: Financial Accounting Marcel Hebert, CPA, CMA, BA, BS, MA, MBA, MST, PhD,
*Professor: Not-for-Profit, Cost/Managerial, Financial Accounting Timothy Krumwiede, CPA, BBA, MSA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Financial Accounting, MST Graduate Taxation Michael Lynch, CPA, BS, MST, JD,

*Professor: Taxation Saeed Roohani, BA, MBA, MS, DBA,
*Associate Professor: Accounting Information Systems, Financial Accounting Kathleen Simons, CPA, BS, MS, MST, DBA,
*Professor: Financial Accounting Lawrence Witner, CPA, BA, JD, LLM,
*Associate Professor: MST Graduate Taxation

Computer Information Systems

Aby Chaudhury, BTech, MTech, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Software Engineering, Management Information Systems Kenneth Fougere, BSBA, MEd, PhD,
*Professor: Business Problem Solving with Computer Technology, e-Commerce Richard Glass, BA, MBA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Business Ethics, Decision Support Systems, Collaborative Decision Making, and Telecommuting Laurie MacDonald, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Professor: Organizational Change, Object Oriented Programming, Strategic Systems Janet Prichard, BA, MS, PhD,

*Assistant Professor: Real-Time Databases, Database Query Languages Harold Records, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Chair: Computer Information Systems Department, Associate Professor: Visual Measurements, PC Hardware, Digital Multimedia, Consulting Services Kenneth Sousa, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Process Reengineering, Systems Implementation, Technology Planning, e-Commerce John Swearingen, BS, MEE, MBA, DBA,
*Assistant Professor: Information Technology Policy and Strategy, Strategic Planning, Business Process Design and Evaluation Wallace Wood, BS, MA, MAT, PhD,
*Professor: Computer Ethics and Privacy, Management Information Systems, Database Operations and Design


N. Asli Ascioglu, BS, MS, PhD,

*Assistant Professor: Market Microstructure, Corporate Finance David C. Ketcham, BS, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Financial Management, Working Capital Management Hsi C. Li, BA, MA, PhD,
*Professor: Financial Management, Financial Institutions and Markets David Louton, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Financial Management, Investments, Insurance Joseph McCarthy, BS, MBA, DBA,
*Professor: Financial Management, Forecasting, Futures and Options Hakan Saraoglu, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Assistant Professor: Financial Management, Investments, International Finance Elizabeth Yobaccio, BS, MBA, DBA,
*Chair: Finance Department, Associate Professor: Financial Management, Investments, Case Studies in Finance, Multinational Finance


Michel Bougon, MS, MBA, MA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Cognitive Theories of Strategy (How strategists make decisions), Strategy Mapping, Role of Intuition, Philosophy of Management Lori Coakley, BA, MBA, PhD,
* Associate Professor: Women in Management, Cross-Cultural Management (Russia), Organizational Conflict, Organizational Justice Harsh Luthar, BA, MBA, PhD,
*Professor: Gender Bias in Organizations, Labor Relations, Sexual Harassment Margaret Noble, BA, MBA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Global Manufacturing Strategies, NAFTA, Maquiladoras, Manufacturing Strategies Christopher Roethlein, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Supply Chain Management, Quality Management Practices, Manufacturing Strategy Lynda St. Clair, BS, MPA, PhD,
*Associate Professor: Employment Relationships, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management Shirley Wilson, BS, MBA, PhD,
*Assistant Professor: Minorities in Organizations, Mentorship in Organizations


Frank Bingham, EdD, PhD,
*Professor: Buyer-Seller Dyadic Exchange, Sales Control Issues, Industrial Marketing Issues Keith Murray, PhD,
*Professor: Marketing and Advertising Public Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Services Marketing and Management Elaine-Marie Notarantonio, PhD,
*Professor: 21st Century Marketplace, Communication Style and Sales Effectiveness, Odd and Multiple Pricing Strategies, Marketing Strategy, Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations Alphonso Ogbuehi, DBA,
*Professor: International Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Promotion Charles Quigley, PhD,
*Chair: Marketing Department, Professor: International Advertising and Gender Roles, Communication Style and Sales Effectiveness, Sales Control Issues, Trends in Consumer Lifestyles and Buyer Behavior

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