TinyMUCK or, more broadly, a MUCK, is a type of user-extendible online text-based role playing game, designed for role playing and social interaction. [ [http://www.realityfault.org/programmer/docs/index.html TinyMUCK c2.2fb5.3.x Documentation] ] The backronym "Multi-User Created (or Character, or Carnal) Kingdom" is sometimes cited, but is not the actual origin of the term; "muck" is simply a play on the word "mud" in TinyMUDFact|date=March 2008.


*The original TinyMUCK 1.0 server was written by Stephen White from University of Waterloo in winter of 1990, based on TinyMUD 1.5.2 codebase. This version introduced building capabilities for the users. [ [http://www.iol.ie/~ecarroll/mud/mr_5b#sect_5_7 TinyMUCK Review] at The Unofficial MUD2 Home Page] .
*TinyMUCK 2.0 was released in June 1990 by Piaw "Lachesis" Na from Berkeley, who added the programming language MUF for in-game server extensions [ [http://linnaean.org/~lpb/muddex/tinymuck.txt Courtesy of Piaw Na (Lachesis)] at the MUDdex] [ [http://fbmuck.cvs.sourceforge.net/fbmuck/fbmuck/docs/historical/technical.doc?revision=1.1&view=markup TinyMUCK 2.0 Technical Notes] distributed with FuzzBall server software] .
*FuzzBall MUCK server was built on TinyMUCK 2.2 codebase by [http://www.belfry.com/ Belfry Webworks] and, as of version 5, released in 1995, includes the alternative programming language MPI. version 6, available at [http://sourceforge.net/projects/fbmuck/ SourceForge project fbmuck] also supports MCP and MCP-GUI.


MUCKs are extensible by design, players can create and modify ("build") all internal objects of the game environment, including rooms, exits, and even the system commands, for which the MUCKs use the MUF (Multi-User Forth) language. Fuzzball MUCKs also use Message Parsing Interpreter (MPI) which can be used to embed executable code into descriptions of all in-game objects.


TinyMUCKs are popular among members of Furry fandom; examples of active, large TinyMUCKs include FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK, both of which run the Fuzzball version of MUCK server code.

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*MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online RPG

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* [http://www.rdwarf.com/users/mink/muckman/index.html MUCK Manual Version 1.0] at The MUCK Information Kiosk
* [http://www.belfry.com/fuzzball/ FuzzBall Software]


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