Progetto Knowledge Management 360° (PKM360)

It is a project with the aim to analyse the impact of KMT (Knowledge Management Technologies) with a transdisciplinary and multipurpose approach applied to the management of knowledge in the organization, in education & training context, in the KM of everyday life, etc.etc.


The project, born in 2005, with the collaboration of:

- AICA "(Associazione Italiana Informatica e calcolo Automatico)" [] ,

- Catholic University of Milan [] and

- Politecnico di Milano foundation [] ,

has already organized many events:

* Round Table - "28th September 2005 - Università Cattolica di Milano"The impact of Knowledge management technologies in the organizations and in the everyday life: Towards the Knowledge Society" [ [Info]
* Round Table - "Udine 7th October 2005 - Congresso nazionale AICA"The impact of Knowledge management technologies in the organizations."
* PKM360 Congress - "29th May 2007 - Università Cattolica di Milano"and launch of the Giorgio Sacerdoti Award " [ ... [Info on the Award]

At the present the project is evolving with the entry of new members and the aim is to build an "ad hoc" network for developing an online cultural presence in the complex field of Knowledge Management (KM) with deep and wide analysis "(metaphor of 360°)" of the so-called Knowledge society.

External links

* [ PKM360 Website] ;
* [ Università Cattolica di Milano Website] ;
* [ AICA Website] ;
* [ Fondazione Politecnico Website] .

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